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Miss Weemer
Also Known As Miss Weemer
Gender Female
Birth Date 1961 (Possibly)
Age 30 (possibly) (Rugrats)
31 (possibly) (Pre-School Daze)
Race Human
Occupation Pre-School Teacher
Interests Teaching
Relatives Unknown
Friends Angelica Pickles
Susie Carmichael
Harold Frumpkin
Enemies Does not have
Voice Actor Vicki Lewis
First Appearance Pre School Daze (Rugrats) (Season 8) (2002)
Last Appearance Finder's Kreepers (Rugrats Pre-School Daze) (Season 1) (2005)

Miss Weemer is Angelica and Susie's pre-school teacher. She is voiced by Vicki Lewis. She seems to be a very stressed and busy person, seeing that she runs around the classroom telling kids to stop what they are doing, and she speaks quickly and frantically. Her skin is pale and hair is a mess. It has also been shown that she isn't a professional teacher, as occasionally she teaches the class things off the list, and sometimes lets them get away with things, like the time she let Angelica steal her keys to her door (Because Angelica needed them to prove her parents think she's responsible like Samantha) and the time she let the class goof up their first school play.

Mrs. Weemer is kind of a teacher that she likes to teach preschool like in the Pre-School Daze series, and then when Angelica and Susie told her about the mug glass that what she had, she started to cry because she actually never knew about that mug glass that she went into the bathroom and started to cry, and then the whole class went wild after when she went into the bathroom. Once she got out, she was surprised that the whole class got destroyed and then when Angelica and Susie broke the mug, they went out into the hall and into an office and took the mug with Harold, and then Mrs. Weemer threw the mug out because it doesn't belong to her, it belongs to the past, and then she threw it out.


Miss Weemer has blonde afro hair, makeup, a blue vessel with a red shirt, and white sneakers.


  • Often, she goes after men (hinting she is single).
  • She is not seen or mentioned in All Grown Up!. It is unknown if she got fired, quit her job or moved away. As she is not seen in the show.


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