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Miss Carol
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Children's television host (formerly)
Friends Miss Stephanie (formerly)
Enemies Angelica Pickles
Miss Stephanie
Voice Actor Vicki Lewis

Miss Carol is a children's TV show host whom Angelica idolizes and desires greatly to be like her in every way possible. However, while Angelica and others believe Miss Carol to be a sweet lady, she is actually a crude, loud, demanding, and mean individual who secretly hates kids, calling them very offensive names.


She unintentionally teaches Angelica her very first curse word, saying that it is the real "fun phrase" to her assistant, Stephanie, while Angelica was sneaking backstage to her dressing room. Angelica, believing her idol, says it out loud to her mother, Charlotte, and her aunt, Didi. It constantly causes Charlotte to scream or faint from hearing it, and her father grounds her for it.

Although it appears Angelica had learned her lesson, when Miss Carol asks her "What does Miss Carol think of her kids?", she has a bit of stage fright, though mainly because she's conflicted by not being sure whether to tell the truth or for that matter say what she knew she heard her idol say. Becoming increasingly annoyed, Miss Carol shouts at her to say it (unknowingly pushing her to say the curse word). She says the curse word, which shocks her parents and family. Miss Carol becomes even more angered and demands her to leave, but she fights with her and shouts that she had heard her say it for real when she was backstage. Annoyed and tired of playing nice, Miss Carol loses her temper with her and ends up shouting the curse word to the children and everyone in the audience. But before it can be heard on TV, the camera man turns off the camera with a long beep sound playing, but it leaves everyone shocked knowing she said it out loud. It's later revealed that she was fired and that Stephanie replaced her, and Angelica is never allowed to go on the show ever again.

Miss Carol is briefly seen again in Tie My Shoes, having been rehired by another TV company. Here, Angelica watches a video where Miss Carol teaches children how to tie shoes.

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