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Miss Appleby
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Preschool Teacher at The Woodbury School
Friends Her classmates
Charlotte Pickles (briefly)
Enemies Charlotte Pickles
Voice Actor Marcia Strassman
First Appearance "Educating Angelica" (Only Appearance)

Miss Appleby is Angelica's pre-school teacher at 'The Woodbury School'. She only appears in the season 4 episode "Educating Angelica". She was voiced by the late Marcia Strassman.

She is first seen greeting Charlotte and Angelica in class for Angelica's first day of school. After getting Angelica settled, she tells Angelica to go play with the other kids. When Angelica hesitates, she suggests she show them the games she likes to play. Angelica, however, refuses to share and starts taking the other kids toys. Noticing this, Miss Appleby sends a note home to Angelica's parents informing them that Angelica has a problem with sharing.

The next day, Angelica brings Tommy in for share day, but Miss Appleby said baby cousins don't qualify for share day. Just then, Charlotte gets a call from Jonathan. When Miss Appleby hears they're trying to get a gorilla, she gets excited because she lived with them in Africa for three years. The kids then ask her to make Angelica share her doll, but she waves them off saying free activity and turns back to Charlotte. She asks Charlotte to let her talk, but Charlotte says "no". She argues that she's a big monkey expert and chases after Charlotte. She then wrestles Charlotte on her desk trying to get her phone, but Charlotte tells her to get her own. She is last seen still fighting over the phone with Charlotte.  


  • Angelica was likely taken out of the pre-school after her mother's "disagreement" with her teacher.


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