Miriam Pickles
Miriam Pickles
Also Known AsAunt Miriam
Birth Dateunknown
Occupation(none currently)
InterestsPlaying card games, betting, dancing
RelativesLou (cousin)
Sparky Pickles (cousin)
Trixie Pickles (cousin-in-law; deceased)
Didi Pickles (first cousin-in-law once removed)
Drew & Stu (first cousins once removed)
Tommy & Dil (first cousins twice removed)
Angelica (first cousin twice removed)
FriendsDidi, Lou, Stu, Drew
EnemiesLou (previously)
Voice ActorAndrea Martin
First AppearanceAunt Miriam
Last AppearanceClub Fred
Miriam Pickles is a very active senior citizen and Grandpa Lou's only cousin. She has been known to drive quite recklessly. She wears a wig and once lived in her own apartment, but eventually moved to a senior community, where she liked it so much that she talked her cousin, Lou Pickles, into moving there. It is revealed that during their childhood, Mim was very cruel to Lou by teasing him and threatening his life. Their relationship is very similar to what Angelica and Tommy have. When she comes to visit the family, Angelica takes an immediate liking since Miriam remarks that she was just like her.


It’s revealed in Aunt Miriam that the main reason she acted the way she did to Lou was because she was jealous of how he was always more liked and respected by their peers than she was (and the fact that he was younger than her). Also, Miriam knew no one would have helped her if she was in real trouble because she spent a good time scaring their friends and Lou. Lou was also younger than Miriam, causing her to become even more jealous. It should be noted that this could be Angelica's own reason for always tormenting Tommy and the others. Upon hearing Miriam's confession, Lou and her reconciled and decided to start a friendship. Despite the reconciling, she is still known to pick at him at times, even once goading him into playing cards with her. She is seen in the The Rugrats Movie, in which she was shown placing bets on Dil's weight at the time of birth and in Rugrats In Paris: The Movie, dancing with Minka.


Miriam has peach skin and periwinkle-colored wig (which was only taken off in a single episode). She wears a green outfit, a yellow bead necklace, and orange earrings each made from two orange beads. She wears a pair of pink glasses with green lenses and has a pair of small black eyes.


"You can find Miriam Pickles gallery here".


Miriam has appeared in several episodes of the Rugrats TV series. Her first appearance was in Aunt Miriam.


  • Even though it's never explained how Lou and Miriam are cousins, it can be assumed that their dads were brothers, since they have the same last name.
  • While Angelica and Tommy and their parents call her "Aunt Miriam," she's technically their cousin and not their aunt. To be specific:
    • To Stu and Drew, she's their first cousin once removed.
    • To Angelica, Tommy and Dil, she's their first cousin twice removed.
  • Miriam drives a blueish gray 1940’s Ford sedan, first seen in Aunt Miriam. Miriam is shown to be a terrible driver, and the viewer is left to wonder how she still has a driver's license.
  • When Miriam appeared The Rugrats Movie, her wig was brown instead of periwinkle.
  • She is unable to say Didi's name properly, which causes the latter some degree of annoyance.
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