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The Mega Hyper Heroes are the babies' favorite superheroes, a parody of the Fantastic Four, the Planeteers, Power Rangers and the Teen Titans. They protect the Universe from evil and save the environment. They transform via magic rings that they all wear (similar to the various morphers that each incarnation of Power Rangers uses, such as the Power Morphers and Zeonizers). All four of them need to be together in order for the rings to work successfully. There are many Captain Planet-type elements in the show such as protecting the rain forests and using magic rings however their powers are based on the powers of the Fantastic Four and Teen Titans, with Metallitron being based on the Megazords in the Power Rangers franchise. They are drawn in 1980's-cartoon superhero style as opposed to typical Rugrats animation.

Johnny/The Changeling: Can turn into any animal. Is a parody of Changeling from the X-Men. According to Chuckie he gets his strength from light.

Marco/Flamo: Power. Can ignite himself with fire with a single flick of his wrist. Is a parody of the Human Torch.

Diane/Ms. Invisible. Can turn invisible. She also possesses a ship that her and the Bolt travel in. Is a parody of the Invisible Woman.

Ricky/The Bolt. With the strength of two men. Is likely a parody of the Thing or the Hulk. According to Phil he gets his strength from eating a lot of food.

Metallitron: The Mega Hyper Heroes' main enemy. She is a large, incredibly powerful robot with various weapons. She wants to rob the Earth of its supply of oxygen, though Tommy also mentions her stealing the waters from the oceans as well. She may be a parody of Megatron.

Germaniac: Only mentioned by Tommy. Little is known other than the fact that he attempted to blow up the universe but was stopped by the Mega Hyper Heroes.

Ratface: Appeared as an action figure in Wrestling Grandpa. Is presumably another enemy of the Heroes.

Their only on-screen appearance was in the episode The Mega Diaper Babies.

Voiced By: Gregg Berger (dual roles), Neil Ross, Kath Soucie, & Jim Turner (dual roles)


They are the babies' favorite superheroes. They battle various villains, in an effort to save the Earth's ecology from the evil "Metallitron".


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