Mega Corporation

Mega Corporation (originally known as Merge Corp) is the large holding corporation that Charlotte Pickles was the CEO for before being replaced by her assistant, Jonathan Kraskell.

CEO seats

Charlotte Pickles was the CEO of Mega Corp for the entire Rugrats series and for a majority of its spin-off series, All Grown Up!. Charlotte's assistant during that entire time was Jonathan Kraskell, who, after their company reorganized, became the new CEO in the All Grown Up! season 4 episode, "Lost at Sea", and he wound up firing Charlotte from the company.


  • The company has an onsite daycare for the children of employees--Charlotte got rid of it at some point before "Mommy's Little Assets" before reinstating it and naming Jonathan as the head of it.
  • In "Lost at Sea", Charlotte says she knows all of the "unethical" practices and "shady" backdoor business dealings that Mega Corp has done.
  • Mega Corp has similarities to Berkshire Hathaway.


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