Rugrats - The Case of the Missing Rugrat 54.jpg
Name Max
Nationality Probably Russian or English
Age Unknown (Probably 50's)
Voice Tony Jay
Occupation Butler
Relatives Emma & Clarice Pendragon
Tommy Pickles
Lou Pickles
Only Appearance "The Case of the Missing Rugrat"

Max is the butler of two eccentric siblings Emma & Clarice Pendragon, whose father was a wealthy judge. He lives at Grey Gardens with the two women, who dress in old clothes and neither seem very aware of some things to the world. While they appear to be wealthy, Max claims he hasn't been paid in years. So its most likely the two women are poor or near senile. Either way, for some reason Max continues to work for the two sisters and tend to their home and many cats. In "The Case of the Missing Rugrat", he unwittingly chauffeurs Tommy to their home. From the beginning, he wants to return Tommy to his real family, but the ladies refuse to comply, believing he was sent to them. Its also revealed that Max isn't their first butler, while the ladies have tea with Lou. They reveal that an old friend of Lou's was their butler and taught them cards. But his card playing got him in a lot of trouble and could be possible their father fired him. He was voiced by the late Tony Jay.


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