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March for Peas Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 5a
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March for Peas
Original Airdate May 27th, 2021 (streaming release)
Previous Episode The Last Balloon
Next Episode The Two Angelicas

"March for Peas" is the first segment of the fifth episode of the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premiered on Paramount+ on May 27th, 2021.

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When Grandpa's hurt back keeps him from his favorite event, Tommy enlists his friends to create the event at home. - Description from Paramount+


The babies: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil are together playing with blocks when Lou comes down the stairs marching and chanting peace slogans. He tells them that after 50 years of marches and rallies, he's still bringing his A-game to his favorite event, the March for Peace. He comments that he feels 20 again, grabbing a whole bunch of stuff out of the closet. He loads up his sack so heavy that he falls over and hurts his back. Tommy comments that falling on the couch must be part of the "march for peas." Meanwhile, Stu and Chas discuss attending the sequel to their favorite film, Final Eclipse, but Chas points out that they're supposed to be watching the kids. Lou tells them that he won't be making it to the march with his back the way it is and that they should go see their movie while he looks after the kids. They race off, Stu telling Chas they should go before he changes his mind.

Angelica comes running into the room, sitting on his chest and asking him to open a jar of peanut butter. He does so, but asks her to be gentle, as he hurt his back. Lucy arrives to drop off Susie. Seeing that Lou is hurt, Lucy tells him the best thing for his back is ice and rest, but he says that he's going to try some ancient herbal remedies. She asks if he's up to handling the kids and he replies he can handle anything, reminiscing about Woodstock. Tommy asks Susie if she's ever heard of a "march for peas" and she replies that she does it all the time, doing a potty dance. Phil does not like the sound of it, but Angelica tells the babies Lou isn't talking about this, that a "march for peas" is what grownups call a "peas parade" with floats and ponies. Tommy suggests they have one for Lou. Angelica says that if they want to cheer Lou up, the parade should be all about her, but they reject the idea. As they walk away, Angelica mutters to Cynthia that the babies are dreaming if they think they can put on a better parade than them.

In the living room, Lou lights some incense and reminisces over an old photo, but only succeeds in lighting a pillow on fire and setting off the smoke alarm. He puts out the fire with some dirt from a plant pot. The babies raid the refrigerator and freezer, searching for peas. They fill the kitchen with various foodstuffs, Susie eventually discovering the peas in a back corner. Outside, Angelica stands in her Cynthia car wearing sunglasses and pretends to wave to a crowd. Spike moans, covering his eyes and she urges him to pay attention. She then decides that Spike is right, saying that she needs a real float and driver. Inside, the babies load a wagon with peas, though Lil complains that they're still frozen. Phil replies that he knows a melty place and loads some into his diaper. Chuckie complains that the peas are now dirty, so they go outside where Tommy sprays the peas down with the garden hose. Chuckie and Susie then step in, stomping the peas, and end up covered in pea goo, along with Phil and Lil, though they quickly manage to shake it off.

As Lil chases some pea goo, she is approached by Angelica, who calls her just the baby she was looking for. She offers to let Lil drive her Cynthia car. Lil reminds her of the consequences she promised if any of them drove it, but Angelica brushes this off. She lures Lil over. Back inside, Lou tries crystal therapy, but only ends up dropping the crystal on his foot. He then ends up hopping around in a heap of pain before collapsing on the floor, complaining that his crystals have betrayed him. Outside, Lil creates a float for Angelica. It's a crude replica of Angelica, but Angelica nevertheless calls it parade perfection, telling her she's earned her right to drive the car. Lil hops in, but drives so fast that Angelica shouts at her, calling her driving terrible. She spins them in circles. Meanwhile, the babies put the finishing touches on the wagon filled with peas.

Inside, Lou slices up onions. He takes a phone call from an old marching friend, telling him he's going to use the onions to drive out negative chi and he'll see him at the campout. He covers his feet in onion juice, but it causes him to slips and slide around the kitchen before finally collapsing again in the living room. He stares at the picture of his friends, telling them he gives up. Just then, the babies march in with the wagon. As they present it to him, Lil finally slams on the brakes, sending Angelica rocketing into the living room and ending up in the wagon covered with peas, which splatter all over. Lou asks what's going on and she tells him she made a giant float but the babies wrecked everything with their peas. "Parade? Peas?" he asks as Tommy presents him with a bag of peas and he says he can use them to ice his back. Just then, Betty and Didi arrive and, seeing the mess, ask what happened and why Lou isn't at the March for Peas. Lou replies that he didn't have to go as he lies together with the babies and Angelica, saying that he has some real flower children right there. Didi says he's making her tear up, but he says that's probably the onions on his feet. He and the babies laugh as he lifts them up to show her.


  • This is the first time Lou was shown when he was younger in the reboot.