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Man of the House Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 4a
Man of the House Title Card
Man of the House
Original Airdate February 12, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode No Naps
Next Episode A Whole New Stu
Man of the House is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats

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When Stu goes off to attend an inventors convention, he makes Tommy "The Man of the House". Now Tommy has to do all the things Stu used to do, like read the paper, fix things, and invent new toys. But is he man enough to help Grandpa Lou with his cholesterol problem? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


It starts with Tommy and Stu looking at Stu's Memory Shades, then Didi thinks Grandpa Lou's cholestrol is high and Didi puts him on a diet he doesn't like. Stu leaves, making Tommy the "man of the house" which Tommy thinks means acting like Stu. Charles and Chuckie visit and Tommy and Chuckie try to read the paper but it blows away in the wind. Tommy accidentally steps on Dil's rattle and breaks it, making Dil cry. Tommy fixes it with plasters and Didi is confused as Dil is perfectly healthy, doesn't have a dirty diaper and is not hungry and yet is crying. Dil's rattle is still broken so they act like Stus and invent a toy made of a blanket (to be soft), a ball (to be bouncy), a rope (to hold it together), a rubber duck (to make noises) and a key (to be shiny). It bounces down the hall. Dil likes it. Because of Dil Grandpa accidentally watches a disturbing health video, freaks out and eats lunch. Tommy and Chuckie get given juice and everyone falls asleep.


  • Stu's latest invention: The Memory Booster 2000 sunglasses.