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Lucky 13 Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 13
All Grown Up - Lucky 13
Lucky 13
Original Airdate August 28, 2004
VHS release Lucky 13
DVD release Lucky 13

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"Lucky 13" is the thirteenth episode from Season 1 of All Grown Up!.

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Angelica is going to be 13! She will officially leave the preteens' world to become a real teenager! She's going to organize a huge party for this event, and, unfortunately, Savannah is organizing a huge party the same day! The worst of it, is that nobody wanted to go to Angelica's party... She's very sad. Will her birthday be good after all?


  • Chuckie: It's kind of like when you step on a wad of gum. You can never get it completely off your shoe.

Tommy: Right, it's like even though Lil disses Phil all the time, she defends him when other kids do it. Phil: (To Lil) You... diss me? Lil: Only behind your back. Phil: Oh, okay, then.

  • Susie: Angelica could ask Savannah to change the day of her party.

Angelica: What? Are you crazy? I'm the injured person here. It's my 13th birthday. You're actually suggesting I go crawling to Savannah and beg her to change the day of her party?! (Scene changes) Angelica: (To Savannah) So, can you change the day of your party?

  • Dil: (About Angelica's party) Well, nothing's going to keep me away. There's porpoise rides. They talk, you know. No way I'm missing what could be the most meaningful conversation of my life.
  • Angelica: (Giving Phil, Lil, Dil, & Kimi their invitations) Here, here, here, and here. Sorry they're late.

Kimi: And stepped on. Dil: Nothing says I want you at my party like a big footprint.

  • Angelica: The minute I'm 13, Savannah and I will be equals, especially after my party, or as I prefer to call it: "the new gold standard."

Susie: What's the latest tally on RSVP's for this new gold standard? Angelica: Well, so far, there's Amanda, Emily, Kendra, and you two guys. Susie: Sounds more like the new tin standard. (Laughs)

  • Susie: (To Angelica) Ooh, girlfriend. Taking on a thirteener before you are one is, like, opening an umbrella indoors while walking under a ladder, as you break a mirror, which dropped when you opened that dumb umbrella.
  • Tommy: Take me off the being-a-good-cousin list. Party's back on, which means I'm off the hook.

(Dil runs off squeaking) Phil: Uh, you may want to ix-nay the hook talk around Kid Porpoise.

  • Phil: Sorry, but that doesn't make up for destroying my carefully constructed Bossy and Flossy illusion. I mean... Hey... is that a mime?
  • Angelica: (On cell phone) We're breaking up, Sean. (Hangs up)

Susie: Wow. Did you just break up with Sean? Angelica: Teenager means never having to explain.

  • Chuckie: Is she pointing at us, or is there something hanging out of my nose?

Tommy: Both.

  • Kimi: Well, Angelica's bawling her eyes out in the girl's room. She keeps flushing so no one hears. But it'd take a leaf blower to drown out that blubbering.
  • Angelica: (On the phone) Tommy, get over here right now! (Pause) Bossy's the real cow. Flossy's just a fake cow head! (Pauses again) Well, then get over here as soon as Phil stops crying.
  • Savannah: Angelica. Angelica, I'm really sorry, but this table's reserved for the 13 and over crowd. Plus, you're kind of sitting in my chair.

Angelica: Not like your name's on it, Savannah. (Gets up, sees "Savannah" in gold letters) Wow -- in gold, too. Oh, well.


  • This episode was aired coinciding with the 13th anniversary of the Rugrats series.
  • Despite being a season 1 episode, this episode aired during the run of season 2.
  • Savannah is obsessed with Senior Jumping Bean.
  • Dil is seen to like dolphins.
  • This is the second episode focusing on Angelica's birthday. The first one was the Rugrats episode "Angelica's Birthday".
  • August 28, 2017 marked the 13th anniversary of the episode.
  • Ending Tagline: "*Dolphin talk* I mean, *more dolphin talk*" - Dil
  • Phil owns a home printing press.
  • This episode was ranked #81 in "Top 100 Greatest Moments in Nicktoon History" as part of "Superstuffed Nicktoons Weekend", and is the only episode in All Grown Up! history to make it to the countdown.
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