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Lost at Sea Gallery Transcript

(Charlotte looks at a piece of paper sadly in her office.)

Charlotte: Noooooo.

(Jonathan took the paper off Charlotte and read it to her happily.)

Jonathan: Due to a Company Reorganization your services will no longer be needed. Effective Immediately!

(Workman are seen haling away her office belongs)

Charlotte: There must be some mistake! This is my desk! This is my chair! This is my phone!

(Jonathan spoke innocently while rubbing his finger on Charlotte's nameplate)

Jonathan: Sorry. But after the Reorganization. The company couldn't afford two CEO salaries. (He pushed her nameplate aside with his own to replace it with glee) Just mine!

Charlotte: Your office? No! I simply refuse to be fired!

(Two security guards came and with her still holding her phone tightly and refusing to budge from her chair, they guards had to push her out. She then tried to pull at the phone cord while Jonathan chortled with some scissors.)

Jonathan: Ho ho ho ho... Hate to do this but.

(He cut the cord, and Charlotte dropped the phone, as she was dragged out of the door.)