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Season 4 Episode 13b
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Looking For Jack
Original Airdate November 1, 1997
DVD release Season 4
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"Looking For Jack" is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.

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When Charlotte's mini van breaks down and she looks for a "jack" , the Rugrats try to help her by entering a nearby Italian resturant. They find a "Jack" there, but he happens to be a mobster with an interest in the Dummi Bears. -  Description from Klasky Csupo


Charlotte, who’s a very distracted workaholic, offers to drive the babies (Angelica, Chuckie and Tommy) to a Dummi Bears concert. Didi was originally to do this, but she didn't want to miss this year's cheese festival, so Charlotte decided to take the task off her hands, much to Didi's despair. As Charlotte is driving out of the Pickles household, Spike sneaks into Charlotte's van.

When Charlotte's van hits a flat tire en route to the concert, the climax begins. Charlotte tells the children not to worry and exits the vehicle, then starts to assess the issue to her car. She realises that she has a flat tire, however she doesn't have a car jack which is required to fix a flat tire. Charlotte then gets back in the van and makes a call on her phone to rectify the situation.

Meanwhile, the babies who are anticipating going to the concert and confused to the situation at hand, as usual get into mischief. Angelica and the other children mistake hearing Charlotte needing a car jack, as her needing a man named "Jack". So the children begin their journey to look for "Jack" and sneak out of Charlotte's van, and meander their way into an Italian restaurant.

Whilst in the restaurant, Chuckie and Tommy split up away from Angelica. Angelica bumps into a man who works at the restaurant, and explains she is looking for "Jack". After asking for Angelica's name, she spouts, and he explains "Jack" is not available right now. A waiter mistakes Angelica as "Jack's" daughter Gianna, to which Angelica uses the situation to her advantage and agrees that she’s his daughter. Chuckie and Tommy who secretly spy on her are confused at first, but then understand that Angelica is fibbing.

After this, the man Angelica bumped into (who’s actually "Jack's" bodyguard) apologies and tells her that "Jack" is extremely busy and he’s willing to accommodate Angelica until he’s available.

Angelica then asks for a substantial amount of free food to which her orders are demanded. Chuckie and Tommy ignore her and continue to roam though the restaurant flustered. The boys approach "Jack's" office door and attempt to turn the knob when they are spotted by his bodyguard who’s concerned to see two unaccompanied children in the restaurant. He grabs them in his arms to find their guardian. He soon inadvertently drops them off at Angelica's table, after she demands to see "Jack".

Angelica gloats on her feast. Tommy and Chuckie explain to Angelica that they are worried about missing the concert and are still wondering where "Jack" is.

Angelica, who could care less about the concert at this point and enjoying her meal, tells her cousin and friend not to worry and gets a table side accordion player to play the Dummi Bears theme song to which Chuckie enjoys. Tommy, however, does not.

"Jack" approaches Angelica's table when he realizes that she isn’t his daughter. Angelica unsuccessfully tries to play it off and convince him otherwise. "Jack" however likes Angelica's attitude despite her lying about being his daughter. "Jack" then asks Angelica what her name is and where her mother is, to which she complies. "Jack" then begins to get to the bottom of the situation.

Back at Charlotte's van, she is still preoccupied and distracted on her mobile phone trying to get her car repaired, when she notices "Jack" walking up to her car with her daughter, Tommy and Chuckie in his arms. Charlotte, shocked and confused, snaps out of it and Spike then barks in the back of her van to which she notices him as well.

"Jack" asks Charlotte if she’s having car trouble to which she confirms. "Jack" then offers to give Charlotte and the babies a ride in his stretch limousine to the Dummi Bear's concert, and giving them front row seats.


  • Charlotte right before her tire goes flat, is chastising a delivery truck driver for his bad driving, when she is not only talking on her cell phone whilst driving, but weaving excessively through lanes, and runs over obstacles and dips into a pothole in the street that she should have seen.
  • Charlotte gets a flat tire, due to a pothole in the street that she hit which is the city's fault and not hers. Depending on your car insurance, if an event like this happens, you call your insurance agent and they very quickly will send a roadside assistance worker with a car jack and a spare tire. In addition, Charlotte could have went to a convenience store and bought a can of Fix A Flat and It would have fixed her tire temporarily enough for her to take the children to the concert and back home.
  • Charlotte described Tommy as Angelica's friend to Jack, but he's actually Charlotte's nephew and Angelica's cousin.
  • Jack possibly only helped Charlotte, due to the fact Angelica reminds him of his daughter Gianna, to which Angelica looks very identical to.
  • It's implied that Jack is apart of the Italian American mob/syndicate. Many of them have network connections which explains how Jack was able to give them front row seats at the concert.
  • When Jack walks up to Charlotte's car, Spike barks and she notices him in the car. After asking if she has car trouble, Jack rapidly gives Charlotte and the babies a kind gesture to ride in his limo to the concert. It is unknown as to what happened to Spike in this episode after that. It is doubtful that Jack allowed Spike into the limo. It is also against the law to leave children and/or a dog inside a car, so having him stay in Charlotte's van until they got back is also not plausible. The arena which they went to see the concert does not allow pets inside. So it's assumed that the following realistically happened;Jack probably asked one of his associates to babysit Spike, Jack asked one of his associates to drive/walk Spike back to the Pickles residence or Charlotte called Stu, Drew, Lou or Didi and told them to come pick up Spike while one of his workers watched Charlotte's car.
  • In the closing credits, with the ending Paul Newman (played by Doc Hudson from Cars) in Rugrats.

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Charlotte Pickles is a Boss 😎 Rugrats 🍼 Nickelodeon Animation

Charlotte Pickles is a Boss 😎 Rugrats 🍼 Nickelodeon Animation

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