Lois Pickles is a minor character on Rugrats. She is the great-aunt of Drew and Stu Pickles. She does not appear in the show but she is mentioned briefly in the Season 3 episode "Naked Tommy" by Stu during a conversation he had with Didi about Tommy's "spontaneous shedding of clothing" phase and was revealed to be a nudist as well as a relative of the Pickles family. She is not mentioned again after the episode.


  • According to "Naked Tommy", she went naked, but was the only one in the Pickles family to do so (besides Tommy).
  • It is unknown whose side of the Pickles family she is on.
  • Not much is known about her other than the truth that she spent her lifetime as a naturist. It is likely that Stu was embarrassed by her way of living and didn't go into any more detail about her out of fear that Tommy would follow in her footsteps and be ostracized by others his own age as he matures.
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