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Little Dude Gallery Transcript

Lou: Pickles needs this 10-foot puck for a birdie in the championchip.

Didi: Pop!

Lou: Pickle sticks!

Didi: Pop, have you seen Tommy?

Lou: Tommy who?

Lou: That a boy Tommy. Good arm.

Didi: There you are.

Lou: Hey! Where are you going with my caddy?

Didi: You don't have to babysit today, Pop. I'm taking Tommy to school.

Lou: School? The little fella is only one year old!

Didi: It's just for a visit, Pop. I'm teaching the kids how to diaper babies so I'd bring Tommy in as a learning aid.

Lou: You mean an experiment! He's nothing but a monkey to you people!

Didi: Say goodbye to Grandpa Tommy.

Lou: So who's going to caddy for me?

Didi: Maybe Spike wants the job.

Lou: Spike, fetch! Oh pickle sticks!

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