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Season 1 Episode 4b
Little Dude
Original Airdate September 8, 1991
DVD release Season 1
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"Little Dude" is the second segment of the fourth episode of season 1, and the fourth Rugrats segment overall.

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Didi brings Tommy to her work place - the local high school, for use as a visual aid. But when Tommy gets free and roams around campus, he becomes friends with a rebllious biker.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode starts with Lou playing golf with Tommy. Didi is looking for Tommy and asks Lou where he is but Lou just ignores her. She finds him and tells Grandpa Lou that she is taking Tommy to school. But Lou said he's only one year old. She tells him that she told the kids to how to change the diapers and she bringing him as a learning aid for her home economics class on how to diaper babies. Lou reponds by claiming it an experiment as he is nothing but a monkey to her, and asks who he can play golf with. Didi then suggests that maybe Spike would like to play. Lou hits the ball to Spike, who just flops over and sleeps.

Didi presents Tommy to her Home Ec class, and presents their lesson of the day: how to take care of a baby. One of the students (Steve), asks what the smell in the room is, and Didi reveals this is the perfect step to their next lesson: How to change a dirty diaper, much to the other students disgust. Didi then asks if there are any volunteers, but no one volunteers until Didi mentions that it's extra credit. Many students volunteer but none have the courage to change Tommy. Then enters Ramon, a cool boy with a biker-esque appearance. Without saying a word, he removes Tommy's dirty diaper, rolls it up, and tosses it over his shoulder where the other the other students hastily toss it to one another until Steve throws it into a trash can. Ramon then wipes, powders, and tapes a fresh diaper onto Tommy's bottom. After this Tommy grabs Ramon's sunglasses much to the shock of the class. Rather than being angry, Ramon thinks that Tommy is a cool little baby and gives him the nickname 'Little Dude' As class ends, Didi thanks Ramon who tells her that it was no problem as he has a little brother roughly Tommy's age.

After class three girls (One in a red dress wirth dirty blonde hair, named Kirsten, one in a purple dress with black hair, named Pamela, and one with green pants and a BH sweater with brown hair, named Stephanie) ask Didi if they can babysit Tommy for awhile. Didi says they can watch him over her lunch break and tells them to bring him back to the lounge if he gets fussy. The girls wander around campus gossiping, and notice the football player they were gossiping about. When he asks if Tommy is Kirsten's new boyfriend, she places Tommy on a truck behind them before responding.

As they continue to talk the truck drives away. When the football player points out Tommy isn't there anymore the girls become horrified. The truck stops elsewhere on campus giving Tommy the chance to get off. Back at the girls they decide to split up to look for Tommy, one of them asking if Tommy can walk yet, which her friends are unable to answer. Just as they are splitting up Tommy crawls behind them and waves goodbye.

At the gym there is a student practicing basketball. Pam walks by looking for Tommy. Tommy walks into the gym looking at the kid playing basketball, who is constantly missing. Tommy exits the gym, dropping a banana peel in the process. As the basketball player is preparing for his next shot he slips on the banana peel and actually makes a basket.

In the library we see Tommy walking on one of the bookshelves. He accidentally steps onto someone's pile of books, but quickly jumps back to the shelf. But the student with the book slips, knocking down several shelves and almost hitting the librarian.

Tommy then finds his way to the shop class where Ramon studies car repair. Ramon asks if the lunch bell rang yet to which his teacher says that it rang twenty minutes ago, and that Ramon ought to take a break and enjoy lunch. As Ramon is leaving he drops his comb and Tommy picks it up. He is about to return it to Ramon but he throws a towel on to Tommy without noticing him. The girls are then seen meeting up again after failing to find Tommy. One of them suggests thinking like a baby, to which one crawls around on the floor to get into character while her friends give her an annoyed look.

Inside the cafeteria, Tommy is under one of the tables eating a cup of pudding.  He reaches up to the table for another cup when he accidentally hits a spoon, sending a glob of pudding flying. He accidentally hits the same football player from earlier ("Number 12"). "Number 12", angry because his uniform was just washed, thinks that Ramon did it because he is seen eating pudding, in addition to ignoring "Number 12" when he demands to know who threw the pudding. He responds by throwing mashed potatoes at Ramon. Silently, furiously, Ramon and "Number 12" take turns smearing each other with food until everyone in the cafeteria is involved in a massive food fight. "Number 12," notices Tommy and grabs him from under a table. Ramon briefly halts the fight, takes Tommy from the football player, leaves the cafeteria with him, and resumes the fight (food flies again as soon as Ramon and Tommy are outside the cafeteria). He then meets the three girls who are gracious that Ramon found Tommy (who has retaken Ramon's sunglasses). Kirsten takes Tommy from Ramon, and he got his sunglasses back. Ramon and Kirsten look into each other's eyes and see stars, falling for one another. Didi then finds them all, and the three girls say they have a much better understanding of raising children.

Later in the evening, Didi and Tommy are at home, and Tommy is eating dinner. Didi says the trip to school was very educational for her students, and Lou asks Tommy what he learned at school. Tommy responds by throwing mashed potatoes at Lou who laughs and says that Tommy has quite an arm (as he said earlier when Tommy threw him his golfball back)


  • It is revealed that Didi works as a part-time school teacher in this episode.
  • This is the second time Tommy had his diaper changed. The first time was in "Tommy's First Birthday".
  • This is the second episode Tommy is the only baby to appear in. The rest of them are absent.
  • Stu is neither seen nor mentioned in this episode. This is the second episode he doesn't appear in; the first being its sister episode "Baby Commercial".
  • Didi's home economics class is in A113. A113 is often seen in animated movies, placed there by graduates of a private university named California Institue of the Arts (CalArts) located in Valencia, California. A113 is a real classroom number at the campus.
  • Steve and Larry were students in Didi's class (who attempt and fail to change Tommy's diaper). Steve and Larry occasionally appeared in some of the earlier episodes, though this episode revealed them to be of high school age (between 15 and 18).
  • This is another episode in which Tommy doesn't say a word. All he does in this episode verbally is laugh, babble, and make different sounds.
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