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Lillian Marie Jill DeVille
Also Known As Lil DeVille
Lillian (by Phil DeVille and Chuckie Finster)
DeVille (by Angelica Pickles)
Lily (by Betty DeVille)
Gender Female
Birth Date March 31, 1990 (Rugrats 1991)
March 31, 2020 (Rugrats 2021)
Age 1 1/4 (Rugrats pilot and Rugrats; both original and revived versions)
10 1/4 ("All Growed Up")
11-12 (All Grown Up)
Race Human
Occupation School student (All Grown Up)
Interests Devouring worms and bugs (formerly)
Playing with her friends
Drinking toilet water (formerly)
Soccer (All Grown Up!)
Yu-Gotta-Go (All Grown Up!)
Relatives Phil DeVille (younger twin brother)
Betty DeVille (mother)
Howard DeVille (father)
Winifred (second cousin)
Freddie (uncle)
Ned (uncle)
Nana & Gramps (great-grandparents)
Friends Phil DeVille (younger twin-brother)
Tommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster (love interest)
Kimi Finster (best friend)
Susie Carmichael
Dil Pickles
Angelica Pickles (sometimes)
Wally Ramone
Leslie Myers (formerly)
Diane DeLongis (formerly)
Nicholas (former love interest)
Enemies Angelica Pickles (sometimes)
Coco LaBouche
Wally Ramone (once)
Voice Actor Kath Soucie
First Appearance "Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing" (Rugrats) (Episode Pilot) (1990)

Lillian Marie Jillian DeVille is a main character in both the Rugrats TV series and its spin off series All Grown Up!. Lil is Phil's older twin sister and the daughter of Howard and Betty. She is voiced by Kath Soucie.

11 year old Lil, as seen in seasons 2-5 of All Grown Up!.


Lil DeVille lives next door to the Pickles with her twin brother Phil. She has many things in common with her sibling, including a love for "prettyful" bugs, worms, and slime. These common interests don't stop her from getting into constant fights with him, however, and you can often hear her arguing, "No it isn't, Phillip!", every time she disagrees with something he says. Lil is always up for a fun adventure, and meets every challenge with a in her diaper and a smile. - Rugrats Description from Klasky Csupo

It was Lil DeVille's friends who inspired her to assert her independence and move out of the room she shared with her brother Phil. Of course, their reasons were based on popularity: they liked Lil, but thought her brother was gross. But being a twin, Lil ended up sticking up for Phil and leaving that crowd in favor of being loyal to her brother. Besides the fact that they now dress differently, Lil has developed a few other quirks that make her much different from her brother. For one thing, she is a bit superstitious, wearing lucky hats and shoes she feels will help her do well on tests at school. - All Grown Up! Description from Klasky Csupo


Lil and her brother Phil are twins who are alike in almost every way possible. Usually dressed to match, they both wear pink shirts with black pinstripes and turquoise outfits (Phil wears a shirt and Lil wears overalls) with a handkerchief on the left side and a duck on the right, and both have a small amount of brown hair on top of their oddly shaped heads. Lil wears pink shoes, a pink bow on her hair and no shorts (exposing her diaper in a similar way to Tommy Pickles) and is always drawn with ear lobes. Lil is revealed to be older than Phil by two minutes and consider herself "prettyful". Lil and Phil also share the same interests: consuming worms (which they have often called "Chocolate Spaghetti"), bugs, and toilet water. In Rugrats Go Wild, Lil gives up eating bugs, and she's cared for them after seeing a flower eat a dragonfly. Because of this, she tells Phil not to eat them, either. They often use their full first names, Phillip and Lillian, against one another when arguing or simply speaking with each other, or upsetting Tommy Pickles. Their parents, Betty and Howard, often confuse the two despite permanent differences, like their ears, their genders, and Lil's bow (although the bow itself can be used to confuse their parents, such as if Lil isn't wearing it, or if Phil wears it instead.)

Lil's outfit in "All Growed Up".


Lil's a female toddler. She has peach skin, a pair of white eyes with small black pupils, and a little bit of teeth. She wears a pink shirt with black pinstripes, a turquoise dress (with a white handkerchief on the left side and a yellow duck on the right), white ankle-length socks and pink shoes. The character has a small amount of brown hair with a pink bow on the top, usually combed down. She does not wear shorts, pants or any type of clothing under her dress, exposing a white diaper, similar to the way Tommy and Kimi expose their diapers. In Rugrats Go Wild, she wears a green sailor shirt in a similar design as her overall dress, a white undershirt with a pink stripe, and a white sailor hat. Years later, her hair got longer. In Season 1 of "All Grown Up!", she has a bow or flower in her hair, but in Season 2 and onwards, she has a highlight in her hair, which is often seen in the colors pink, purple, blue, or yellow. Her outfits vary throughout the All Grown Up! series, but she usually wears a long-sleeved shirt of varying colors, usually blue, purple, or pink, jeans or a skirt, and high-top sneakers. In "All Growed Up", she keeps her pink bow and wears a pink short-sleeved jacket over a green t-shirt with a yellow duck on it, a blue bracelet, a blue skirt, and pink shoes. In the first few episodes of All Grown Up!, her jacket is red, her undershirt is white, her skirt is pink, and her bow and bracelets are yellow.  She later switches to a yellow flower in her hair, a pink long-sleeved blouse, light blue pants with X's on them, and brown shoes.


Lil appears in most episodes of both the Rugrats TV series and the All Grown Up! series. Lil and Phil are absent from 59 episodes of Rugrats. Her first appearance in Rugrats is in the pilot episode "Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing".


Phil DeVille - As seen throughout Rugrats, Lil has always been very close to her twin brother, Phil, doing everything together, and even dressing alike. They are practically inseparable. Although they do argue a lot, they care deeply for each other.

In All Grown Up!, Lil seems to no longer like things that are categorized as "gross, disgusting, repulsive, etc." unlike Phil, who still enjoys doing immature and disgusting stuff, but has shown to stand up for him whenever people talk about him in a negative light, even going as far as to sacrifice any chance at popularity.

Tommy Pickles - Lil is one of Tommy's lifelong friends. Along with her brother Phil, Chuckie and Kimi, they have been friends since they were babies. In All Grown Up!, they are still very good friends and still do stuff together along with the rest of the gang.

Chuckie Finster - Like Tommy, Lil is one of Chuckie's lifelong friends. It is hinted occasionally that Lil may hold a romantic interest in Chuckie as seen in a few Rugrats episodes, such as "I Do", "Superhero Chuckie", and the second and third Rugrats films Rugrats in Paris: The Movie and Rugrats Go Wild. It is even implied in the All Grown Up! episode "The Finster Who Stole Christmas", where she finds his odd behavior "attractive".

Kimi Finster - Kimi is one of Lil's best friends. Like Tommy and the others, she didn't met Kimi until the second Rugrats movie. Since then, they have been very good friends, often hanging out and having slumber parties and gushing over cute boys with each other.

Dil Pickles - At first, along with Phil, Lil wasn't too fond of Tommy's little brother due to his rude baby attitude but has learned to accept him as seen in The Rugrats Movie. In the All Grown Up! episode "Truth or Consequences", she and Phil said they dropped Dil on his head when he was a baby by accident (of course) and wonders what he would be like if they hadn't.

Betty DeVille - Lil has always had a healthy and respectful relationship with her mother. In All Grown Up!, Betty sometimes embarrasses her, as seen in "Separate But Equal", when Lil gets her first training bra.

Howard DeVille - Like her mother, Lil loves and respects her father.

Angelica Pickles - Ever since they were only babies, Lil, along with the rest of the gang, has a dislike towards Angelica and her bossy treatment towards them, but also has a soft spot for her whenever she does something nice for her and her friends.

Susie Carmichael - Lil is good friends with Susie and still are as seen in All Grown Up!.

Wally Ramone - Wally is one of Lil's best friends (with the other being Kimi) that Lil becomes friends with when she joins Phil's soccer team. But a rocky turn jeopardizes their friendship when Wally and Phil started falling for each other as seen in the All Grown Up! episode "A DeVille House Divided". Feeling left out, Lil takes matters into her own hands and sabotages Wally and Phil's relationship, which causes them to break up. At the end, they make up and renew their friendship. In "Separate But Equal", Wally gets invited to Lil's birthday all-girl slumber party.