Also Known AsCupid
Birth DateUnknown
OccupationMaking people in love
InterestsValentine's Day
FriendsDil Pickles
Voice ActorLil Romeo
First Appearance"It's Cupid, Stupid" (2003)
Last Appearance"It's Cupid, Stupid" (2003)


Lil'Q is a character who makes his first and only appearance in the "All Grown Up!" Valentine's Day episode,"It's Cupid, Stupid". He is a parody of Lil Romeo and is even voiced by him; making it the first and only celebrity guest appearance on the show. It is revealed early in the episode that Lil'Q is indeed cupid. Throughout the episode, Lil'Q is seen hanging out with Dil as he tries to improve his aim with his hacky sack in order to make people fall in love. Due to his terrible aim, Lil'Q created turmoil for Dil's friends on who they were going to bring to the dance/fall in love with. At the end of the episode, Lil'Q was able to undo his mistakes by "unlearning" as Dil called it, to make him let go, and just flow with his powers.


Lil'Q is a short African-American character based on the celebrity Lil Romeo. He wears a white tracksuit and is seen with a cornrow hairstyle.


  • Lil'Q is some kind of Cupid-esque figure trying to "earn his wings."
  • Lil'Q made a special alien cupcake for Dil.
  • He only appears every Valentine's Day.
  • When Lil'Q hits Nicole with his hacky sack and she sees Tommy, he will say "dang", but his lips will not move. Perhaps an error on syncing the voice with the character.
  • His known catchphrase is "dang" every time he screws up a love interest someone has.
  • He is the first high-power deity to be on the show, Bean would be the second.