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Lady Luck Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 1b
Lady Luck Title Card.jpg
Lady Luck
Original Airdate August 19, 1998
DVD release Season 5
Complete Series
Previous Episode Grandpa's Bad Bug
Next Episode Hiccups

"Lady Luck" is a Season 5 episode of the show Rugrats.

Characters Present


The Rugrats look for "Lady Luck" after Grandpa starts losing at Bingo...and find a heap of trouble! - Description from Klasky Csupo


  • This was David Doyle's final episode as Lou Pickles. David Doyle died the same day as Andy Houts. This episode was dedicated in his memory. After this episode, Joe Alaskey takes Doyle's place as the voice of Lou Pickles for the rest of the series.
  • Since David Doyle died on February 26, 1997, this episode was produced at least a year and a half before it aired and was released posthumously.
  • During the bingo match, listen closely to the numbers; they aren't the same as the actual bingo formation, which is 1 to 15 under the B, 16 to 30 under O, etc. The announcer drew the numbers as "N-2", "O-2", etc. (At first, I though this was one of the center's techniques to keep the patrons "quiet and relaxed" by not winning and yelling out "Bingo!", but I later found out that Grandpa later won with the erroneous numbers.)
  • When Grandpa has 1 more square to go, the bingo board already has a bingo diagonally.
  • When the bingo caller says "O7", Grandpa puts it on an I square.
  • Ben Stein guest stars in this episode as the Bingo caller.
  • The bingo numbers we hear throughout the episode are O-2, I-2, B-8, O-2, B-45, G-4, O-7, B-12 and N-16.
  • Alice Ghostly, veteran character actress, does the voice of Ms. Horkin
  • Charlotte and Drew were credited despite not appearing in this episode or the companion episode.
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