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Lady De-Clutter (episode) Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 2a
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Lady De-Clutter
Original Airdate May 27, 2021 (streaming release)
Previous Episode Second Time Around
Next Episode New Puppy

"Lady De-Clutter" is the first segment of the second episode of the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premieres on Paramount+ on May 27, 2021.[1]

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When a 'professional organizer' comes over, it's up to Tommy and his friends to stop her from taking all the toys. - Description from Paramount+


The episode starts with Tommy playing with his electronic screwdriver as Chuckie is impressed that he fixed one of the nails. While Tommy and Chuckie are playing together, Stu plays a video game called DoorStop as he is interrupted by Didi. Didi stands in front of the tv as she tries to inform what is going on. However, in result to standing in front of the tv, Didi causes Stu to get a "game over", which upsets him as he was about to be in level 20. She thinks the game is called Door Slam in which Stu corrects her before Didi goes on to mention she was on the phone. Didi goes on to inform Stu that it was Lady De-Clutter, a compassionate "professional organizer" who would be there in any minute. As Stu and Didi continuing having a conversation, Didi mentions she should get the house cleaned up, Meanwhile, Tommy throws off his diaper likely indicating he needed to be changed. She cleans up a bit off-screen before she gets there, as Stu mentions that he was keeping his video games which of course Didi says that it would be up to what De-Clutter will say as she walks into the kitchen, Stu chases her saying that he does not think that it is funny.

In the babies' point of view, Tommy informs Chuckie about what he thinks: the "organizizer is gonna come and take his daddy's toys". Chuckie wonders why she would want to do that and if she has her own toys, as Betty comes in with Phil and Lil, dropping them off so she can catch up with the adults. She comments on how she got the text from Didi about Lady De-Clutter, she cannot wait to see her. Afterwards, Didi's phone chimes, as Didi exclaims that Lady-De-Clutter has arrived. Lady De-Clutter walks up to the porch as, Didi feels happy and thanks her for coming as she introduces herself and Stu to her. Lady De-Clutter says that she recognizes the positive vibration energy in their hearts from her own, as Betty comes over to mention that De-Clutter has said a lot of words. Didi introduces Betty to De-Clutter as well, mentioning that Betty is her best friend as she invites De-Clutter into the house. They all come in, walking past the playpen inside the Pickles' house, the babies give her a surprised look. She checks on several things as she is thinking, and afterwards, she thinks that she will was picking up a lot of very low vibrational energy in their house. Didi thinks that this is good, but De-Clutter confirms that this is bad. Lady De-Clutter says she'll set them on the right path as she ushers the adults to the kitchen.

After a while, while the adults are in the kitchen, Lil asks, "Who's that bossy lady, Tommy?". Tommy answers, saying that she is here to take all of his daddy's toys, as he thinks that she may also take his toys as well. Chuckie claims that De-Clutter looked at Tommy's teddy bear funny. Tommy tells the teddy bear that he "never will never let no one take you." Tommy's quick solution is to hide his toys as he and the others go off to hide them before De-Clutter sees them. Chuckie hides the Reptar plush doll under the rug, Lil hides a ball under Spike's head, Tommy hides the ride on horse behind the curtain, and Phil, who hides Tommy's teddy bear in his shorts. Lil wonders if the screwdriver will be hidden as Tommy informs her that it's not a toy, and that it was his "Stu-driver". Lil suggests Phil hide it in his hair in which Phil declines, saying he already stored a hot dog.

The adults watch Lady De-Clutter as she walks around the room trying to "feel the energy". Lady De-Clutter then "asks the kitchen" what it wants to keep and what is no longer serving its universal purpose. In the babies' point of view, Chuckie asks Tommy, "Why is that lady smelling the stuffs in your kitchen?". He answers that he does not know, and that even he dislikes it. De-Clutter picks the blender, stating that it no longer wished to be there. Didi tries to convince her otherwise, however De-Clutter claims it would be holding onto the past and that they only deals with future energy. Didi says that she is an expert, as De-Clutter places the blender into a box. Stu gets tired of the talk of energy and walks out to the living room to play Door Stop again. While he is playing, Randy, with Susie, knocks on the door coming in as well. Randy walks in front of the tv, causing Stu to lose once again, as Randy apologizes stating that he came for moral support due to Lady De-Clutter be there.

While Randy has a conversation with Stu, Susie goes over to the playpen, wondering about the toys that were hidden by them beforehand. Lil shushes Susie, telling her that they had hid to toys and brings her up to speed about what happened previously. Susie figures out it may be the same lady, she asks if the lady was the "bossy lady who closes her eyes even when she's not sleeping." Chuckie wants to know if Susie knows her, as Susie tells the babies that she came to her house one day and stole her Debbie doll that she owned. She keeps talking about the event, which includes that De-Clutter does not only takes toys; she takes everything. All the babies were wondering if it includes other things such as: Chuckie questioning about the water in the potty, Phil questioning about the worms in the dirt, and Lil questioning about the "nummie stuffs" inside her belly button, in which Susie confirms that it is literally everything including her dad's comics and mom's "hair fryer. Tommy knows that they have to stop her from taking all of their toys as they crawl off to the kitchen to stop her. Randy can be seen cheering on Stu who's playing his video game once more. However, when the babies look into the kitchen, Lady De-Clutter is seen stealing a toaster, saying that she thinks that it also served its purpose.

Tommy, who's now hiding under the table with the other babies, accidentally drops his screwdriver as De-Clutter kicks it out of his reach by accident, Didi then walks over before Tommy can reach for it blocking him from doing so as she questions De-Clutter as to how she was going to make breakfast or bake a cake. Lady De-Clutter responds by telling Didi to write on her heart, "The less we possess, the less we stress." as Didi repeats this herself. While she does this is happening, De-Clutter wants to know what is inside "that adorable little building", referring to the backyard shed, but Didi informs her that is "nothing much. Just knitting and craft items." Betty mentions that Didi is only being modest as she explains that Didi runs a successful online boutique from that "She-Shed." De-Clutter's "abilities" sense that Didi is holding onto unnecessary goods, she takes a step towards Didi and Betty, stepping on Tommy's electronic screwdriver as she thinks it's nice and places it into the box, leaving Tommy gasping, horrified that it was taken. Afterwards, De-Clutter walks out carrying the box, saying she needed to get more boxes. Tommy decides to take his revenge; saying that she can take all the "stuffs" in the kitchen, the living room, and all of that "yummy stuffs in all the belly buttons" but what he won't let her take is his "Stu-driver", that's where he draws the line. All of the babies are impressed about Tommy's confidence after that.

Randy is still watching Stu play his video game as De-Clutter comments that she senses past energies while Didi comments that she's keeping stuff. De-Clutter and she takes the box she was carrying out to her van, the babies watching her do so. Stu asks Didi, "Are you sure you want to keep doing this? Did you know she took Randy's favorite comic book?". After Randy mentions Didi the name of his favorite comic book, Didi hesitantly answers that she thinks that it is freeing. De-Clutter comes back inside ushering did to the back again by her shoulders, Betty following after. The front door is shut by Chuckie, as it reveals that the babies were hiding on top of each other as they fall toppling down onto the floor. Tommy says that they "gots" to get his "Stu-driver" out of the lady's car. Chuckie questions how they were going to get it as De-Clutter "key-beeped it." Tommy spots a two-way baby monitor and says that he has a plan.

In the she-shed, De-Clutter "asks" the she-shed what it wishes to keep and what no longer serves its universal purpose, and she decides that the sewing machine was her next target, in which Didi responds that she can "speak sewing machine" and that it definitely wants to stay. De-Clutter stops her, taking the sewing machine, as Betty thinks that this situation is taking a dark turn. While Stu and Randy are still distracted by the video game, the babies are finally ready to work out a plan to get Tommy's screwdriver toy back. Tommy claims that "Operation Stu-Driver" is a go as Phil, Lil, and Chuckie running around the corner into the kitchen. Phil and Lil are seen crawling outside and into the she-shed, Chuckie confirms with Tommy twice that they have entered the "sheep's head". Phil and Lil crawl under the table while De-Clutter takes the vintage art supplies as she claims that "vintage" is another meaning of saying "beholden to musty energy". Phil and Lil search through the box under the table as Phil finds a "crayon", which actually is a tube of lipstick, as he colors on his face with it. Lil grabs the tube from him, informing Phil they were supposed to get the keys. When Phil finds the keys, Lil urges him to push the button as Phil tries to figure what to push. Soon, after the back trunk to the car unlocks, both Tommy and Susie get ready to head out the front door to the back of the van; Chuckie telling Tommy to be careful. Back in the shed, Lady De-Clutter thinks about stealing the motivational penguin poster, in which Didi doesn't want her to take as it "talks to her". When De-Clutter tries to take it, Betty decided that it was enough and starts fighting with De-Clutter to stop her from taking the poster.

Susie and Tommy run out to the van as Susie lifts Tommy into the back of the van. Once inside, Susie asks Tommy that after he finds the screwdriver, if he sees her Debbie doll to say hello to it. Tommy agrees and walks further into the truck as Susie goes back into the house. The babies checking on the screen of the two-way baby monitor as Tommy is seen looking through a box inside the truck. Back to the adults, De-Clutter informs Didi that even though it has not been easy, she is very brave as De-Clutter says there's just one more things she needed to take. Seeing the adults, Chuckie informs Tommy that the grown-ups are back inside the house. Stu is seen still playing the game, very close to beating it, with Randy cheering him on, however, De-Clutter unplugs it just before Stu successfully wins and takes it away claiming the house has been "officially de-cluttered", upsetting Stu. Chuckie tries to get Tommy's attention, telling him to abort the mission, as Lady De-Clutter is coming back out to the van. Tommy claims he can't leave without his screwdriver as he falls into the box before popping up with his screwdriver in hand. He tips over the box, falling out of it and also revealing that Susie's doll was also inside the box as well. Lady De-Clutter, unknowing that Tommy was inside the van, shoves a box in the back and closes the trunk.

Inside, Stu and Didi were upset about the items that were taken from them, as Didi mentions that something felt missing. Betty comments that it was their whole life as she looks over at babies, only to notice that Tommy was no longer there with them. Didi runs over asking where Tommy was, as Chuckie flips over to show Tommy on the baby monitor screen where Tommy is seen in the back of the van. As Didi takes it, the monitor picks up De-Clutter's sneaky phone call about the items she just stole and how they were going to sell for a fortune online. While she is still talking, the adults finally figures out what is going on, as Stu runs up and knocks on the window. She asks Stu if he needed something as she mentions she was on the phone with her "next client." Stu responds saying that he wanted his video game back as Didi runs out to yell at De-Clutter for de-cluttering her baby. Tommy is seen giggling happy next to De-Clutter in the car as he presses the button on his screwdriver causing it to play the phrase: "That one's got a screw loose."

The police are on the scene shortly after as De-Clutter is handcuffed and put into the back of the police car. The female officer tells De-Clutter that her days of scamming people, by taking items to sell for online, were over. Randy finds his favorite comic book in a box, and Tommy gives Susie her Debbie doll back to her. However, to her, it's a little too creepy for her liking in which she decides maybe she does not want it back. Lil decides to take her doll instead, as she thinks it is beautiful. Didi picks up Tommy, calling him her little hero, as Tommy giggles happily, pressing the button on his screwdriver once more letting it say one final phrase before the episode ends.


  • This is the first episode of the reboot in which Angelica doesn't appear in.