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Ladies Man Gallery Transcript
Season 4 Episode 4
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Ladies Man
Original Airdate November 13, 2007
Previous Episode Separate But Equal
Next Episode Lost at Sea

"Ladies Man" is the fourth episode from Season 4 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


When Susie trains Harold to help him get a date with Angelica, it backfired and caused Harold to fall for Susie instead, which caused Angelica to be jealous.


  • Pangborn: Uh, listen, Dil, about what you saw, you keep this under your, uh... whatever that thing is you wear on your head, and, uh, maybe I can do something about that detention.

Dil: You've got my crudlebout on it, sir. Pangborn: Thank you. "Crudlebout"? Was that a promise or not? Dil! Dil!!

  • Pangborn: I don't know what kind of dirty words you're pedaling, but I won't have it in my school!

Dil: It's not dirty. It's Dilginese. Pangborn: "Dilginese"? What in Harry's hat is "Dilginese"? Dil: A language I made up, sir. Pangborn: That's just plain stupid. Who makes up a language no one else can understand? Dil: If a cleristeral falls in the prandish, does it still marplunk a player? Pangborn: Huh? That's it! You just got detention, mister, for a whole week!

  • Phil: There she blows…
  • Harold: Please go out with me! I'll buy you a smoothie!

Angelica: Let's see… NO! Harold: Okay, I'll go get you that smoothie now.

  • Susie: What do you see in her?

Harold: A girl playing hard to get!

  • Harold: Please, please go out with me! I'll resole your shoes.
  • Harold: Nose blowing wind players always get the best girls!
  • Susie: Avoid all spitting words!

Harold: That's brilliant, Sus- I mean, you're remarkable, Carmichael girl.

  • Susie: Harold, you're gonna walk out of this room a dude with a 'tude.

Harold: Goodie! What do I do first? Susie: Well, you can start by exing words like "goodie." "Goodie" ain't cool. Harold: Oopsie. Susie: Not cool. Harold: Okeydokey, artichokey. (Susie sighs)

  • Angelica: Do you talk so much on your cell phone that you need someone to hold it for you? No! I do! Are you so lazy that you need someone to make your bed while you're still in it?! No! I do! Are you so snob you need someone to tell you you're pretty everyday? No! I am! So don't you say I don't deserve a Harold, You're not as half as sloppy, lazy, and insecure as I am!

Susie: You got that right… But you don't deserve a Harold.

  • Lil: I hate to be the girl in here, but it won't work.
  • Shelly (Ms. O'Keats): That's beautiful! What does it mean?

Dil: I love you! I know it's kinda long, but it is an evolving language.

  • Tommy: Does your stage have a pirate that talks and shoots real confetti?

Future Engineers Club Member: It talks and shoots confetti? Dil: As long as my mom won't miss her electronic secretary… Or her car's battery.

  • Harold: Here is my room! It always smells like onions around here, I don't know why.
  • Lil: O'Keats and Pangborn were, like, together?

Dil: Oh, yeah. Everyone: Eww! Gross!

  • Dil: What are you holding?

Pangborn: A lute! (Dil laughs) Pangborn: What's so funny? Dil: A lute in Dilganese means… Never mind.

  • Dil: I broke my mom's blender!

Phil: It can make smoothies, too?

  • Susie: You're enrolled for Susie Carmichael's School of Drool!
  • Pangborn: Shelly, thy Shelly, we belong together thy Shelly.

Voice: Knock it off down there!


  • Dil invents his own language called "Dilganeese".
  • Pangborn visits Dil's house at midnight to sing his 125 page song about Miss O'Keats and get feedback from Dil.
  • Tommy and the gang's float wins first prize.
  • Pangborn and Miss O'Keats become the king and queen for Dil's float.
  • Harold is successful at making Angelica jealous of him.
  • This episode reveals that Angelica has strong feelings for Harold.
  • Kimi is nowhere to be seen in this episode.
  • Ending Tagline: "It smells like onions in here, I don't know why." - Harold
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