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Name Krumm
Species Monster
Gender Male
Relatives Horvak
Residence Garbage Dump
Education The Monster Academy
First Appearance The Switching Hour (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, 1994)
Last Appearance Ghost Story (Rugrats, 1999)

Krumm is a short and hairy monster and the tritagonist from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. He lives with Oblina and Ickis. His teacher, the Gromble, often yells at him. Krumm holds his eyes in his hands. He is treated very nicely by Oblina, his only female friend. He is voiced by David Eccles, who originally voiced the monster that was under Chuckie's bed in an early episode of Rugrats.


Krumm is quite a unique monster; he can juggle his eyeballs and relies on his body odor as part of his scare strategy! Despite his strange appearance, Krumm is quite soft-spoken, and is actually quite shy. This hasn't stopped him from starring in a movie or from contaminating a vat of perfume with his putrid stench. Krumm is always up for an adventure, and never fails to keep an eyeball out for his friends!


Krumm is an orange-tan color. He has a big nose and two arms (to hold his eyes for vision and to juggle them). His eyes are white with black pupils. Krumm has blue lips and two short legs. He has black-colored armpit hair (that occasionally appears as gray-colored) and five toes on each of his two feet.


He generally appears in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. In Rugrats, Krumm appeared in the crossover episode "Ghost Story" with Ickis and Oblina.


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