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Hi Chuckie. Well I guess washing Wawa wasn't the best idea. You know there is still a lot about you I don't know yet. Like your favorite sandwiches or your favorite games or the songs or stories you like. Those things may take a while. What I do know is I love you very much. I hope that will do 'til I get the other things sorted out.
Kira Finster to Chuckie Finster in "Changes for Chuckie"
Kira Finster
Also Known As Kira Finster, Kira, Kira Watanabe
Gender Female
Birth Date 1961 (Rugrats)
1991 (Rugrats 2021)
Age 30 (Rugrats)
39 (All Growed Up)
40 (All Grown Up!)
Race Human
Occupation Employee of EuroReptarLand (formerly)

Co-Owner of the Java Lava Coffee House

Interests Spending time with her daughter, Kimi, son, Chuckie, and husband, Chas
Relatives Chas Finster (husband)
Chuckie Finster (son)
Kimi Finster (daughter)
Hiro Watanabe (ex-husband)
Marvin Finster (father-in-law)
Shirley Finster (mother-in-law)
Unknown Parents
Unknown Brother
Friends Chas Finster
Chuckie Finster
Kimi Finster
Stu Pickles
Didi Pickles
Drew Pickles
Charlotte Pickles
Lou Pickles
Lulu Pickles
Betty DeVille
Howard DeVille
Randy Carmichael
Lucy Carmichael
Hiro Watanabe (ex-husband)
Wanda Yoshida-Watanabe (Kimi’s stepmother)
Enemies Coco LaBouche
Voice Actor Julia Kato (original)
Hiromi Dames (reboot)
First Appearance Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)

Kira Finster is the ex-wife of Hiro Watanabe and the biological mother of Kimi Finster. Upon remarrying and becoming Kira Watanabe-Finster, she also became also Chas Finster’s wife and Chuckie's stepmother.

The character is introduced in the second Rugrats film, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, along with Kimi and Fifi. Kira met and fell in love with both Chas and Chuckie when the Rugrats were visiting EurorReptarland. Because of this, Chas and Kira got married, and Kira, Kimi, and Fifi, who used to live in Paris, moved to America to live with Chas and Chuckie. Not only she is Chuckie's new stepmother, she is also the co-owner of a coffee shop known as the Java Lava Coffee House with Chas. Kira is very nice and knows a lot about babies.


Kira is Kimi's biological mother. She became Chas' second wife, and most importantly, Chuckie's stepmother in Rugrats In Paris: The Movie, the series' second film. She is a very motherly and beautiful Japanese woman, which Chas quickly noticed. Her role in the movie was to be Coco's in on how to treat children and how to get Chas to like her, such as reciting a poem Chas quotes (which Kira starts to recite as well, saying its one of her favorites, only for Coco to semi-repeat her and say the poem is her favorite) and calming Dil when he starts to cry (only for Dil to throw up on Coco). Kira only comes to realize Coco's true intentions and how terrible it was to go along with it when she witnesses Coco lash out at the children, forcing Jean Claude to kidnap the children and lock them away during the wedding. Kira is given Chuckie's beloved Wawa by Coco and told to destroy the worn bear. Kira looks at Wawa sadly, then realizes Coco doesn't care for Chas nor Chuckie, and is only marrying him to become president of EuroReptarland. When she's thrown out of Coco's limo, she takes a bike and heads for the wedding, arriving just as the babies crash the wedding with the giant Reptar robot, and Chuckie stops Chas by running in and yelling his first word "No". Kira approaches Chas and Chuckie after Coco and Jean Claude are chased away, handing Chuckie his Wawa, unharmed. Chas thanks Kira for her kindness as she apologizes for not telling him sooner about Coco. The two reveal their love for poetry and wed some time after coming back to the states.

She worked as Coco LaBouche's secretary at the EuroReptarland theme park, but apparently became unemployed before marrying Chas, and moving to America. However, she appears to keep herself busy by raising her children, spending time with her husband and their adult friends, and participating in community things, such as when she played 'The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe" in a community play in "Finsterella". Her first American job, as revealed in "The Fun Way Day", was as co-owner of the Java Lava Coffee House, with Chas co-owning as well. They buy the coffee shop in a previous episode, "Sweet Dreams".

In "Finsterella", Kira legally adopts Chuckie as her son while Chas legally adopts Kimi as his daughter. Kira and Chas celebrate their first Easter together in "Bow Wow Wedding Vows", celebrate their first Halloween in "Curse of the Werewuff", celebrate their first Christmas together in "Babies in Toyland", and celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in the All Grown Up! episode "Petition This!", which Kimi and Chuckie throw a party for them.

She first appears in the 2021 series in the episode Lucky Smudge where she talks to Chas after Kimi wins free piano lessons as a prize. Kira takes interest in the song Chas was playing along and mentions on calling about setting up the piano lessons.


Kira is a Japanese woman with peach colored skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils, blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick. She has black hair in an asymmetrical hair cut, and wears a long yellow dress, purple glasses, brown shoes, and a white, cuffed, long-sleeved polo shirt.

In All Grown Up!, she wears a brick-red coat over a sea-green turtleneck sweater, a dark brown belt with a gold buckle, a green skirt, and brown shoes. Starting with Season 2, her coat is yellow, and her skirt is light blue.


Kira appears in various episodes of Rugrats and All Grown Up!. Her first appearance was in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.


Kimi Finster - Kira’s daughter. They have a typical mother/daughter relationship. Much like Chuckie takes after his father in appearance, Kimi does with Kira. Kira raised Kimi as a single mother in Paris (although it is possible that she may have been born in Japan) prior to the events of the Rugrats In Paris movie. Kira does her best to teach Kimi of her Japanese roots, which Kimi didn't know about until "Memoirs of A Finster", when she traces her ancestry.

Chas Finster - Kira’s husband. When Chas arrives in Paris with the rest of the gang, Coco uses Kira as a source of how to act towards children, which is one of the ways that makes Chas fall in love with Coco. Before this, Chas and Kira meet and learn they both have a child around the same age. While Chas is a widower, Kira is divorced from her first husband/Kimi's father. Kira feels terrible for helping Coco deceive Chas just for her personal gain. She goes along with her boss, however, until she sees her command Jean Claude to take the children away before the wedding and takes WaWa from Chuckie, giving the bear to Kira and demanding she dispose of it. Kira stands up to her boss, realizing Coco does not actually love Chas nor Chuckie, and tells her she will stop the wedding and tell Chas everything. She makes it just after the babies crash the wedding and Chas calls it all off. Kira apologizes to Chas for not telling him sooner, but he understands that he was putting his own feelings and desire for a new wife/mother for Chuckie ahead of his own son, and got caught up in the romance of Paris. Kira and Chas realize they both have a love for poetry as she recites a poem from earlier in the movie, which Chas belived Coco liked. They marry later on back in the states and become a family. For the rest of the series, Kira is shown to love Chas greatly.

Chuckie Finster - Kira‘s stepson. She meets Chuckie and Chas in the Rugrats in Paris movie. When she learns of Coco's plan to kidnap the children and hide them away while she marries Chas, Kira is given Wawa, Chuckie's beloved bear made by his deceased mother, and is ordered to dispose of the bear. Kira sadly looks at the bear, realizing Coco does not actually love Chas nor Chuckie. She keeps the bear with her, returning him to Chuckie after Coco's plans are revealed, showing Chas she has a love for children as he does. Once they marry, Kira immediately takes on the role as Chuckie's new mommy, adoring him just as much as she adores Kimi, and Chuckie adores her just as much, happy to have a mom (or two moms, as he puts it- Melinda is his mother in heaven looking down to him, and Kira being his mother on Earth). Their relationship is highlighted in "Changes for Chuckie", when he tries to adjust to her styles of parenting, such a footie pajamas, pushing his hair down, and spaghetti with meatballs. His limit is pushed when Kira decides to clean up Wawa in good faith and presents the unrecognizable bear to Chuckie, who throws the bear and runs off in tears. Kira finds Chuckie in his room and apologizes, saying she's still learning about being his mom and that changes can be hard. Chuckie forgives her, realizing she's only trying and still loves him very much, and is happy when she gives him a messed up Wawa, as he fell into the hands of Dil, who sort of put him back to his original self.

Hiro Watanabe - Kira’s ex-husband. Not much is known about their relationship or why they divorced. They appear to be on good terms, however, as neither speaks an ill word about the other. In the All Grown Up! episode “Trading Places”, it is revealed that she and Chas are helping Hiro, his new wife Wanda, and their newborn baby Kiki find a new home in the United States; implying that they are now friends. However, this could simply be because she loves children and baby Kiki is her daughter’s half-sister.


  • In "Finsterella", Chas and Kira legally adopt Kimi and Chuckie respectively. Legally speaking, Chas is Kimi's father, Kira is Chuckie's mother and by extension, Chuckie and Kimi are adoptive siblings, not just step-siblings.
  • Some of the terms of endearment Kira has for Chas are "Koibito" and "Koibito Doll". Koibito is a Japanese saying used only if you truly mean the other is your love, and is only said to a life long partner. Kira also calls him "Anata", which means 'darling' in Japanese. It is often used by loving wives to their husbands when they want something.
  • Despite being small in stature, Kira's shown to be very strong. One instance being in the episode "Baby Sale", when another woman snatches the baby jumper she was going to buy for Kimi. Kira states "I believe I saw that first", and gets into a fight with the other mother or a grandmother, eventually forcing her to drop the clothing by pinning her arm behind her back.
  • Kira has also been heard using "Aiji" when talking to Kimi and Chuckie. Aiji is a Japanese word meaning 'beloved child'. She's also been heard calling her daughter "Kimi-chan".
  • Kira is called "Dear" by Chas.
  • Kira is the only mother who doesn't wear earrings.
  • In All Grown Up!, Kira calls Chas "Honey" and "Sweetheart".
  • In the Rugrats book Babies in Reptarland, it is revealed that Chas and Kira got married six months after the trip to Paris.
  • Children Are My Life is the poem in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie that Chas and Kira love.
  • In Rugrats Go Wild, Chas tells Stu that the Lipschitz Cruise was going to be his and Kira's honeymoon before Stu messed it up as usual. This also implies the Go Wild movie either takes place soon after Rugrats In Paris, or they waited on a honeymoon by saving up money, or it's possibly their second honeymoon, but it possibly took place before they opened the Java Lava.
  • Kira has been shown to get sick when traveling, being seasick during Rugrats Go Wild, as well as being persistently made sick by the food eaten during the events of "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" Part One.
  • Kira seems to be able to speak French (although she only speaks it in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie), Japanese, and English, making her fluent in three languages. Also, it was shown in the All Grown Up! episode "The Finster Who Stole Christmas" that Kira can also speak and/or understand Spanish, to some extent.
  • Not much information is known about Kira's former husband, except that his name is Hiro, and he appears in one All Grown Up! episode, "Trading Places" on his visit to America to surprise Kimi for Children's Day.
  • Despite being one of the main parents in the later seasons on Rugrats Kira only appears in eight episodes of All Grown Up!.
  • Kira is one of the few parents that hasn't been seen as a child alongside Betty and Howard.
  • She and Charlotte are the only main parents to not appear in season 1 of the original series though unlike Charlotte where she appears in the 2nd season. Kira dosen't appear until the Rugrats In Paris film and the final three seasons of the series.
  • The only incarnation of the franchise where she doesn't appear is Rugrats Pre-School Daze.