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Name "Big" Justin
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation None
Interests None known
Relatives "Big" Justin's Mom
Friends Tommy, Wiseguy, Crybaby, Builder, Doughboy
Enemies Jonathan, Bob, Sandra
Only Appearance "The Big House"
Portrayed by Dana Hill

Justin, or known as "Big Justin", is an overweight toddler at the Golden Apple Daycare Center. At first, he seemed like a bully, but mostly because he's expected to be given everything he wants due to being the biggest one. He soon meets Tommy, both conflict over a ball to which Justin accidentally causes Tommy to fall back and knock down various things and ruin some of the kids things. This causes Tommy to be put in "time out" for five minutes. Impressed by how long he lasted in time out, Justin soon gains respect for Tommy and befriends him. He, along with Wiseguy and the other babies, plan to escape out of the daycare. There he tells Tommy he wants to get out to see his mother again. No sooner that they try but they see Didi come to take Tommy. But as they watch, Justin wonders why he couldn't escape with him, but soon hears his mother come to him. He was voiced by the late Dana Hill.


Justin is a minor character in the Rugrats television series, only appearing in one episode, "The Big House". He is commonly known as "Big Justin", as he is slightly overweight. Big Justin has peach skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. He wears a white diaper, a green shirt, and a pair of red suspenders.


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