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Junior Prom is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats (paired with Chuckie's Bachelor Pad).



The Rugrats are hanging out at the Carmichael house, where Didi Pickles and Lucy are helping Susie's older sister, Alisa, with the dress for her high school prom (she's talking on the phone to a friend of hers about the prom) while the babies are tossing a ball to each other, and mistake Alisa's prom dress for a nightgown. Meanwhile, Susie's showing Angelica her parents' old high school yearbook, and explains what their high school prom was like---they even got crowned King and Queen of the prom. Susie tells Angelica that she thinks that Alisa will probably get crowned Prom Queen since she's really popular at her school.

Angelica then claims that once she's in high school, she'll be the Prom Queen, but Susie says she'll be the Prom Queen too. Angelica feels that she has a bigger chance of being the Prom Queen than Susie, but Susie points out that she has as much of a chance of getting crowned Prom Queen as Angelica does. The two girls then go over to the babies and Angelica asks who they would vote for to be Prom Queen. But Susie points out that they have to have a prom in order to have a Prom Queen. Angelica then tells the boys that they have to ask a girl to the prom as their date. Phil and Lil go together, and Chuckie asks Susie, while Angelica goes with Tommy. Angelica tells the boys that they also have to get flowers for their dates---although Phil gives Lil a snail instead of a flower.

The girls put on dresses and the boys put on hats and bowties. Angelica says they have to vote for Prom Queen right now, but Susie tells Angelica that they have to decorate the yard and have their prom pictures taken. Angelica throws glitter all around, and gives a camera to Phil so he can take the pictures. He does take pictures, but he takes random pictures of the yard while the picture he took of Angelica only has her pigtail in it. Susie points out to Angelica that she and Chuckie don't have any pictures to remember this, so Angelica gives her a leaf. Chuckie makes Susie feel better about it by telling that he'll always remember it.

Angelica and Susie get into Tommy and Dil's Reptar-car, which is their limo for the prom, with Dil as the chauffeur while Tommy and Chuckie push the car---Phil and Lil end up walking to the prom. They get to the picnic table where the Rugrats are having their prom, and Angelica says it's time to vote for the Prom Queen. Angelica makes Tommy vote for her, and Angelica, naturally, votes for herself. Then it Chuckie's turn to vote. He's obviously intimidated by Angelica, but he also wants to vote for Susie. Meanwhile, Dil's still in the Reptar-car, but then his foot pushes the brake that had parked it, and the car ends up moving towards Angelica. Chuckie screams out Angelica's name, which makes the girls think that he's voting for Angelica, but Chuckie points out the Reptar-car that's moving towards her. Chuckie, Susie and Tommy move out of the way before Angelica, who does move out of the in time, but she ends up knocking over a bowl of punch, which gets punch all over her, Susie, Tommy and Chuckie.

Angelica's upset about getting punch all over herself, but Susie, Chuckie and Tommy think it's funny. Susie tells Angelica that they should just forget about the whole Prom Queen thing, but Angelica, naturally, doesn't want to, and still thinks she'll be the Prom Queen when she's older, and says that they should have a prom at her house next time. Susie and Chuckie start dancing, while Tommy goes over to Dil and gives him a cookie. Phil asks Lil if she wants to be the Prom Queen, which she says yes to, and Lil asks Phil if he wants to be the Prom King, and he says yes. Phil gives Lil a paper cup as her crown. They, along with Susie and Chuckie, and Tommy and Dil, are all having fun, while Angelica's off in a corner of the Carmichaels backyard, looking at the prom picture Phil took of her, mumbling that she'll be the Prom Queen next year and every year after that. 


  • This episode reveals that the Carmichaels have a pet cat (but the name is never revealed).
  • Lucy and Randall have apparently known each other since at least high school. The name of their high school was "Swift High School."
  • Didi reveals that her high school had a bicentennial theme for their prom. Didi even wore a red-white-and-blue ruffled gown, which some of her classmates said made her look the spitting image of Betsy Ross.
    • For those who don't know who Betsy Ross is, she's the woman who's credited as making the very first American flag.

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  • Video of Junior Prom (with Chuckie's Bachelor Pad).
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