Name Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown (Probably 50)
Voice Neil Ross
Occupation Lawyer (Actually Judge)
Relatives Drew Pickles
Charlotte Pickles
Angelica Pickles
First Appearance Pickles vs. Pickles
Last Appearance Pickles vs Pickles


He is the judge who presides over the case of Angelica suing her parents. He later ask favors Angelica on his verdict, lets Angelica acts as her own lawyer, evening letting her doll Cynthia, and her stuffed animal zebra testify. When Angelica imitates Mr. Hershowitz when he told her if she does what her parents ask her to, he laughs, and ask him to ask nicer to Angelica, therefore calling him the mean old lawyer. Angelica calls her father to court and ask him if he got her the toy train for her birthday. He answered he didn't, and the toy store was out of them, but the judge told Drew he should be ashamed of himself. Drew finally snaps out saying that the court room is a three ring circus, and saying he asked his daughter to eat broccoli, and was being a good father. The Judge tells Drew if he said one more word he'll be extorted from the court room. Everyone of the Jury Box tells the Judge that Angelica is a nice girl, and awarding all of her parents assents, and they all cheer. After Drew was shocked about this, and explains he was being a good father, the Judge orders the policeman to have Drew to be taken from the court room and locked up. The Policeman takes Drew away while everyone cheered while repeating he's a good father. However he ceased to exist when Drew woke up as he was part of the nightmare.

He bears a striking resemblance to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.


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