Name: Josh (last name unknown)
Age: Unknown, but likely toddler
Voiced By: Dana Hill


Josh was a chubby older kid who befriended the babies at the park. He claimed that "what's fair is fair" and at first seemed to be nice however he forced the babies to push him on the tire swing, took their cookies, and then made them build him a moat. When Tommy stated that he wasn't being fair Josh told him that "this was fair" and made a fist. Tommy secretly went to Angelica to ask for help, but she refused upon returning Josh was angry and decided to teach them a lesson by swinging and jumping on them. However before he can do so Angelica hits him wtih a water balloon. They then get into a fight which ends with Angelica pushing him down causing him to get a scraped arm. He then runs crying to his mommy. He is never seen or mentioned again.

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