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Jonathan for a Day Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 3b
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Jonathan for a Day
Original Airdate May 27th, 2021 (streaming release)
Previous Episode Tail of the Dogbot
Next Episode One Big Happy Family

"Jonathan for a Day" is the second segment of the third episode of the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premiered on Paramount+ on May 27th, 2021.

Characters Present


Angelica uses an argument between the twins to trick Phil into becoming her personal assistant. - Description from Paramount+


Tommy, Chuckie, and Susie are all in the living room watching a movie about Reptar battling space aliens. Phil and Lil roll into the room, fighting each other and Betty comments to Didi that she doesn't know what's the matter with them: that they were like peanut butter and jelly but now she doesn't know what they're like. Elsewhere, Angelica is riding in the car with her mother Charlotte and her mother's assistant, Jonathan. While she pretends to serve her doll Cynthia a latte, Charlotte compliments Jonathan on her own latte, saying that it's unusually delicious. She then says, however, that it's not enough to take away the stress of her city council job. She declares that she needs a spa day and he promises to book one right away, then continues with some other demands.

Angelica comments to Cynthia that her mommy gets whatever she wants because she has a Jonathan. She says that she needs a Jonathan also. They arrive at the Pickles household, Angelica commenting to Didi that Charlotte can't stay because she's skipping work and having a spa day. Consulting her phone, Charlotte comments that all of her meetings have been canceled. She tells Didi and Betty that she would invite them if not for needing somebody to watch the children. Didi suggests that they have their own spa day right there. She says she'll whip up some facials and to Didi's chagrin, Jonathan bolts for the door, commenting outside "An afternoon off. Score!" The mothers head for the kitchen while Angelica pulls aside Chuckie. He tells her he doesn't want any trouble, but she tells him there's no trouble. She says that she just wants to play a new game with him called "Be My Jonathan." He agrees that he has been trying to be more adventurous and she tells him to go get some hidden cookies. He, however, asks too many questions and she fires him, saying that he's bad at the game. She then approaches Susie, but she quickly brushes her off.

Angelica observes Phil and Lil fighting, following by Phil leaving to play with blocks. She approaches him asking her to play her new game, but he replies that it sounds boring. "I like trains. And mud." She suggests that she could ask someone else, like Lil, instead and he is immediately hooked. He asks her what he has to do and she tells him he has to drive her Cynthia car while she rides in the back and calls him "Jonathan." He reminds her of the dire consequences she promised if any of them drove the car, but she brushes him off. Back in front of the TV, Chuckie asks Lil if Phil is okay, but she tells him she doesn't care, that he's been in a bad mood for days, or even minutes. She tells him to forget about him and they can play instead, strapping him to a laundry basket and ordering him around like a husky. He collapses, asking for water.

In the kitchen, Betty says that it could be the guacamole, but she's starting to feel better. Didi explains what's been happening with Phil and Lil and Charlotte replies that they can't all be perfect mothers. Back in the living room, Angelica spits out a "latte" served to her by Phil. He then starts the car, running circles around Lil and Chuckie. Lil, eating dog food, tells Chuckie that if he's going to be her new Phil, he has try new foods with her. He objects that he doesn't want to eat dog food, but tries a bit anyway, only to choke, gag, and spit it out, shouting that it's disgusting. Phil crosses his arms, saying that it's not fair, that he and Lil always try new foods together. Angelica calls him over, asking if he brought her spa day stuff, but he holds out a frog that jumps on her face, while Lil does the same thing to Chuckie. As Chuckie panics, Lil admits to missing "Crabby Phil." Back inside, Charlotte admits to the others that when she booked a spa day, what she really wanted was exfoliation and time to herself. She asks if it's too much and Didi says that it isn't, going into a tizzy about the struggles faced by parents in a "social media obsessed world."

Charlotte walks off, calling Jonathan and demanding an excuse to get back to work. In the living room, the Reptar film wraps up and Tommy comments on the greatness of it to Chuckie, only for him and Susie to see that Chuckie and the others are all gone. Just then, Phil wanders in, despondent. He tells them that he's a "Jonathan," and the only fun part of the game is driving the car around. Tommy asks if he wouldn't rather play with them and Lil, but he says he's in too deep. He heads off to accede to Angelica's latest demand, while Chuckie tells Lil that he just wants things to go back to "Norman." Susie and Tommy then asks Lil for her help in getting Phil out of Angelica's game. She crosses her arms, saying she doesn't know anyone named "Phillip," but asks them to go on anyone. They tell her she's the only one who can help and she admits she has lots of practice. They head outside, where Phil is spraying Angelica lightly with a garden hose. Lil then pumps up the power on the hose, causing Angelica to be soaked and covered in mud. She immediately fires Phil. Back inside, Chuckie, Tommy and Susie have fun with Spike, while Lil admits to Phil that she really missed him. They agree that they don't know why they were even fighting and Lil shares some dog food with Phil.


  • This is the first episode of the reboot in which Stu doesn't appear.
  • This is the first appearance of Jonathan in the reboot.
  • The title is likely a callback to the original series episode "Angelica for a Day".