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Jonathan Babysits Gallery Transcript

Angelica: Chuckie!

Chuckie: Is that you, Angelica?

Charlotte: Jonathan, what's going on here? There's dirt all over the house! I leave you in charge, and this is how you handle things?

Angelica: Yeah, Jonathan!

Jonathan: This is the last time you'll ridicule me, Mrs. Pickles, because I've got this! It's a rather unflattering portrait of a certain Mega Corp executive named Charlotte Pickles!

Charlotte: Hmm. I thought I told Drew to burn that. So, you tried to find something to embarrass me, huh, Jonathan? Thought you'd teach me a lesson?

Jonathan: That's right.

Charlotte: Finally, showing some initiative. You know, I may have underestimated you, Jonathan. I think there's a promotion in order.

Jonathan: Oh, w-- Thank you.

Charlotte: As for you, young lady, there is a big pile of dirt in the hallway that has your name all over it!

Angelica: But, Mommy, I didn't do it!

Charlotte: Now, Angelica, Jonathan may have let you run wild, but we both know the babies couldn't have possibly done it.

Angelica: But, but, but--

Charlotte: There will be no dessert for one week. End of discussion.

Tommy: Poor Jonathan.

Chuckie: Forget about him. What about us?

(Angelica starts angrily running towards to Tommy and Chuckie.)

Angelica: Oh you babies are gonna pay for this!

(Tommy and Chuckie seeing Angelica coming and they both start digging faster.)

Chuckie: Dig quicker!

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