Also Known AsDad (by Z)
Charity work
InterestsCharity Work
RelativesZ (son)
Unnamed Wife
FriendsTommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster
Phil DeVille
Kimi Finster
Voice ActorWally Wingert
First Appearance"Bad Kimi" (2003)
Last Appearance"All Grown Up!: Express Yourself" (2004)
Joe is the father of Z who appears in the All Grown Up! episode, "Bad Kimi" and in the the 2004 video game All Grown Up!: Express Yourself. Not much else is known about him other than the fact that he's a plumber and helps his son with collecting electronics for charity work.


Joe is bulky man who bears resemblance to a burglar, leading Chuckie to believe he is actually one after Joe converses with his son at the arcade while Chuckie was spying on them. Due to his burglar like appearance, it made it even more believable that both Z and Joe were a threat, which lead to Phil calling the cops.


  • Joe's name was never mentioned in the series. But on the Behind the Voice Actors website, it is revealed that his name is Joe.
  • Despite his physical appearance, Joe is actually polite, since he offers to help Chuckie up to his feet when he crashed his bike into a pile of garbage cans, and the obvious would be that he contributes to society by doing charity work.
  • He is a plumber.
  • He picks up electronics from his client's homes.
  • In the episode "Rachel, Rachel", when Boris tells his story of finding Minka in America, we can briefly see a character on the ship that resembles Joe.
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