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Chuckie: Why's everyone staring at me like that?

Dil: Chuckie, you just ran over Izzy.

Lil: Why couldn't you watch where you were going?

Phil: That's exactly why we didn't want you to be safety commissioner. (Dil runs away and Phil & Lil run after him)

Tommy: I'd better check on Dil.

Kimi: I.. I just want to be alone right now.

Chuckie: See what I mean? Ever since Izzy happened, no one's paying attention to the safety commissioner race!

Lil: No, Chuckie, ever since the dawn of time, no one's paid attention to that race.

Tommy: Why are you so freaked? You can win! I still don't even know who this Amelia is.

Phil: I wouldn't recognize her if she walked right up to me and loogied on my shoes.

Dil: Izzy was the best imaginary friend a kid could ask for, but that's just it. He wasn't real. He was merely a figment of my imagination. The cold hard truth people... I faked it. There never was, never will be an Izzy.

Girl: Well, duh.

Boy: The truth, it hurts! It hurts like nails!

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