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Izzy or Isn't He? Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 8
Izzy or Isn't He Title Card.png
Izzy or Isn't He?
Original Airdate November 27, 2004
Previous Episode The Science Pair
Next Episode The Finster Who Stole Christmas

Izzy or Isn't He? is an eighth episode from Season 2 of All Grown Up!.

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In this episode, Dil Pickles has a new imaginary alien friend called Izzy. During the course of this episode, Dil manipulates people into thinking "Izzy" is real until after Izzy's presumed death. It turns out that Izzy wasn't imaginary and that he wasn't dead, because one of the seats are not flipped up! When Chuckie's biggest competition in the election for School Safety Commissioner is Dil's imaginary alien friend, Izzy, you would think he would have it in the bag. When Izzy becomes more popular than Chuckie, can he even rely on his friends to help him win?


Chuckie runs for School Safety Commissioner. Dil's imaginary friend, Izzy becomes popular with the kids in school, despite him being well, imaginary. Someone then nominates Izzy for Safety Commissioner too. After Izzy becomes more popular than Chuckie, Chuckie relies on his friends to help him win, but even they (besides Tommy and Kimi) are backing Izzy. Chuckie becomes annoyed that his friends would rather have an imaginary Safety Commissioner than they would him. While mowing the lawn, Chuckie accidentally runs over Izzy and everyone holds a funeral for the imaginary alien, but Dil announces to the school that Izzy would have wanted Chuckie to be the new Safety Commissioner. Once everyone is gone Dil secretly tells Chuckie that Izzy is not really dead.


  • Chuckie wants to be the school's Safety Commissioner in this episode. Coincidentally, at one point as a toddler, he wanted to be a safety officer.
  • Chas mentions Chuckie's imaginary friend, Barney back from the season 2 episode "My Friend Barney".


  • Chuckie: Why does everyone look so freaked? The roses aren't wrecked; Just a little bent.
  • Dil: Chuckie, you just ran over Izzy.
  • Lil: Why couldn't you watch where you were going?
  • Phil: I knew you couldn't be trusted with heavy machinery.

(Dil runs away and Phil & Lil run after him)

  • Tommy: I'd better check on Dil.
  • Kimi: I.. I just want to be alone right now.


  • Chuckie: See what I mean? Ever since Izzy happened, no one's paying attention to the safety commissioner race!
  • Lil: No, Chuckie, ever since the dawn of time, no one's paid attention to that race.
  • Tommy: Why are you so freaked? You can win! I still don't even know who this Amelia is.
  • Phil: I wouldn't recognize her if she walked right up to me and loogied on my shoes.


  • Dil: Izzy was the best imaginary friend a kid could ask for, but that's just it. He wasn't real. He was merely a figment of my imagination. The cold hard truth people... I faked it. There never was, never will be an Izzy.
  • Girl: Well, duh.
  • Boy: The truth, it hurts! It hurts like nails!


  • Chuckie: Uh, a little advice, Dil; Having an imaginary friend after a certain age is something one should keep to one's self.
  • Dil: I'm down with that, Safety Boy. I put the "imaginary friend" thing to bed when I was 8. Izzy's my imaginary alien friend.


  • Chuckie: Thanks for saving my butt, Dil.
  • Dil: What're friends for?
  • Chuckie: I can't believe this Izzy thing was all an act.
  • Dil: No, bro. (gestures to the podium) That was the act. Izzy pulled through. I had to get him out of the election. His ego was out of control. And mostly, I didn't want to share him anymore. Everyone else misses him now that he's gone; I missed him when he was here.
  • Chuckie: But he's still here, right? (Dil nods) And he's going to make a full recovery? (Dil gives him a smile, so he sighs in relief, before expressing surprise) I can't believe I just asked that.
  • Dil: You did, and you care, don't you?
  • Chuckie: (smiles) I do. So, where is he? Izzy?
  • Dil: He's sittin' in the back. The ego on that imaginary guy! (He and Chuckie share a laugh as they walk off the stage)


  • Chuckie: (over the lawn mower engine) If I'm elected, then I promise that after the hallways have been mopped, they will be inclined!