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All Grown Up - It's About Time (Book)
It's About Time
Number of Pages 64
Written by David Cody Weiss
Released February 7, 2006

It's About Time is the 1st All Grown Up! chapter book that was written by David Cody Weiss and was released on February 7, 2006.


"It's the town's fiftieth anniversary. In honor of the occasion, the mayor has decided to bury a time capsule in the front lawn of City Hall. He will choose two items submitted by students to be included in the capsule and buried for future generations to see! The gang is excited, and everyone is dying to win. What did they decide to submit? Whose project will win? And most importantly, how did Tommy, Dil, Lil, Phil, Kimi, Chuckie, Susie, and Angelica find a way to get all of their projects buried? It's time you found out!" -Description


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Other Contributors

  • Nickelodeon (collaborator/publisher)
  • Klasky-Csupo (production company)
  • Simon Spotlight (publisher)
  • Bobbie J.G. Weiss (writer)
  • Arftul Doodlers (illustrators)

Characters Present


  • This is the first chapter book in the "All Grown Up!" series.
  • The book is $5.00 in the United States and $7.00 in Canada.
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