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Interview With a Campfire Gallery Transcript

(Phone rings)

Lil: Hello?

Man(On the phone): Are you the lady of the house?

Lil: Yeah, sort of, why?

Man(On the phone): Are you happy with your long-distance service?

Lil: Yes, and I'm hanging up now.

Man(On the phone): What's the hurry... Lil?

(Lil gasps, exclaims and chuckles herself)

Man(On the phone): Scared of little popcorn, eh?

Lil: Is this Phil?

Man(On the phone): Phil's at the baseball game, remember?

Lil: Tell me who you are or I'm hanging up!

Man(On the phone): Did you know that you can save $40 a month with our nights and weekends plan?

(Lil gasps, runs and locks the door)

Lil: Listen, freak...

Man(On the phone): Are you sure you locked all the doors? Even the doggie door?!

(Lil runs, screams and laughs)

(Tommy sighs)

Tommy: Lame, party of one, your table's ready. This horror movie thing is a bust.

Lil: I promise not to laugh next time, Tommy.

Tommy: There'll be no next time. I'm all out of summer.

Angelica: Don't rush it, Pickles! Summer ain't over till the fat lady sings and gets the lead in the camp musical. "Phat" with a P-H, that is.

Susie: I see your ego is fat with a capital "F."

Phil: (to Chuckie and Tommy) I don't think it's a great idea, I watched enough scary movies, you'd know?!

Susie: Congratulations, Angelica.

Angelica: I KNEW I GET THE LEAD!!!!

Kira: (Kira coughs twice)

Bean: (is revealed to be a deadeye in Tommy's film) Ain't never had a brain or nothing. (All kids scream.)