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In the Dreamtime Gallery Transcript

Spike: (British accent) Hello there! Just in time for a spot of tea, 'eh wot?

Chuckie: Hey! Spike's not "apposed" to talk! What's going on, Tommy?

[Tommy Pickles turn around, now with a long nose and big ears and a long flapping tongue like a clown...]

Tommy: (in a different high-pitched voice) I'm not Tommy! (cackles)

(It turns out to be a dream, as Chuckie wakes up in fear...)

Chuckie: AAAH!!!

(As Chuckie sits alone in the sandbox, a big daddy long legs crawls up to him...)

Chuckie: AHH! (realizes he is "dreaming") Hey, you can't hurt me!

(Chuckie, in an uncharacteristically courageous move, crushes the daddy long legs with his hand and kills it.)

Chuckie: I'm awake! I'm awake!

Tommy: Run, Chuckie, Run!

Chuckie: I don't feel so good. (faints)

Chas: Ahh, the untroubled sleep of the innocent.

(Chas turns off Chuckie's light and leaves the room. Downstairs, he sees what appears to be Stu facing away from him...)

Chas: Stu, I didn't know you were coming over.

("Stu" turn around to reveal he has a silly clown-like face with big blue eyes.)

Stu: (high pitched) I'm not Stu! (laughs dementedly)

(This all turns out to be a nightmare Chas is having, as he wakes up from his dream in his own bed, screaming so loud it can be heard outside. It then fades to black, ending the episode.)

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