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Season 4 Episode 8
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In the Family's Way
Original Airdate November 19, 2007
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"In The Family's Way" is the eighth episode of Season 4 of All Grown Up!.

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Angelica is forced to spend a week living with the Carmichaels so she can experience a house with rules. She has to do things there like make beds, clean bathrooms, and take the bus to school. Tommy's friends bet that his cousin will not last a whole week there, but she does. Susie and her brothers trick Angelica so she ends up doing more chores than everyone else, but then they all get punished.


After Charlotte and Drew have to cancel their annual vacation with Angelica to Hawaii, much to Angelica's fury, Charlotte has dinner with the Carmichaels, she decides that Angelica could use a bit more discipline, so she has her staying with Susie´s family for a week.

Tommy and Chuckie then bet Phil, Lil, Kimi and Susie that the spoiled princess can handle all the Carmichael family rules for seven days or a week. After the first two days, Angelica is close to cracking, but after someone points out what she would be doing if she quit too soon, she starts to drastically improve her skill and efficiency on the chores, while adding her own style to them, much to Susie displeasure, but she also starts playing dirty and tricking them so she takes full advantage of the rules. However, after Kimi and Lil egg Susie on how worse the bet is getting she rallies her brothers Buster and Edwin, who are also eager to get back at her, as they give Angelica a whole list of assignments to do, involving some heavy remodeling or everything in the entire house. This backfires when their parents catch Angelica falling down while cleaning the rain gutters on the roof with a toothbrush as her last chore, and they ground Susie, Buster and Edwin for a month for changing the entire chore table. Since it is the last day of the week, the Carmichaels allow Angelica to leave their home, noting that after all the pressure Susie, Buster and Edwin gave her, she made a breakthrough with the rules. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Drew initially enjoy having sinlence in the house, but Dil shows up to fill the voidleft by Angelica. Throughout his stay, he gets them to play his original game Impatience which causes them to get very impatient with the game rules and realise they miss Angelica. Angelica comes home and surprises her parents with a nice peaceful family dinner together at the table, taking what she learned from the Carmichaels with her.


  • Tommy and Chuckie betted in favor of Angelica while Phil, Lil, Kimi, and Brianna betted against her in favor of Susie.
  • For once, Angelica gets the last laugh on Susie.
  • Dil has invented a board game called Annoyance.
  • Tommy and Chuckie win the bet.
  • Edwin calls Angelica "Peaches" throughout the episode.
  • Randy was impressed with Angelica's cleaning skills.
  • Angelica was going to quit until she heard that Susie said there was no way she would make it. She decided to get back at Susie by adapting to the Carmichael household.
  • This is the first time Susie is seen with her braids worn down.
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