In Search Of The Mighty Reptar
In Search of the Mighty Reptar is an Rugrats CD and Cassette that was released in July 20, 1999 by Rhino Records.


The commercial juggernaut that is Rugrats never seems to lose momentum, but its little fans are legions and adults have been known to crack a smile, too, and this energetic audio release is sure to please. Inspired by a lizard in the backyard, a shadowy basement and a toy dinosaur, Tommy Pickles and his baby pals spin real life into fantasy. Parents' Choice Approved, 1999. Ages 3 to 8. (Lynne Heffley, Parents' Choice®). -- From Parents' Choice® and Features audio versions of Reptar on Ice & Journey to the Center of the Basement, narrated by E.G. Daily as Tommy Pickles.


1. Reptar On Ice - Rugrats

2. Journey To The Center Of The Basement - Rugrats

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