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Season 8 Episode 13b
Rugrats - Imagine That
Imagine That
Original Airdate September 21, 2002
DVD release Season 8
Previous Episode Happy Taffy
Next Episode Club Fred

"Imagine That" is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.

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After watching "The Cynthia Team", an action series where Cynthia and her friends are secret agents, Angelica gets the Rugrats to play-act the show with her. In the Rugrats version, Angelica is secret agent Cynthia, whose mission is to stop Dr. Doomsbake (played by Tommy) from destroying the world's supply of cookies. The reason she likes to play this game is because she likes how the episode ended -- Cynthia gets a parade in her honor. However, the rest of the Rugrats, who were supposed to play Cynthia's assistants, didn't like the idea, so they decided to break tradition and, as they say, fraternise with the enemy. Meanwhile, speaking of cookies, Betty gives Didi her family recipes for healthy cookies, to be used as Didi's entry for a baking contest; but, it turns out those cookies aren't fit for man or beast... or even Angelica.


The transcript can be found here.


  • Angelica: Now the only thing you babies gotta to know is that Cynthia is the greatest crime fighter of all time... and, oh yeah, Cynthia is called Angelica!


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The Cynthia Team is based on Charlie Angels.


Rugrats - I'll make a man out of you

Rugrats - I'll make a man out of you

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