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Season 6 Episode 7b
I Do
Original Airdate January 11, 1999
VHS release I Think I Like You
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Zoo Story
Next Episode The Magic Baby

I Do is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.



Angelica and her parents have just gotten back from a wedding where Angelica was the flower girl. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil are playing tag, with Tommy being it and chasing after Chuckie. After Tommy tags Chuckie, Angelica comes over to them and Chuckie asks if she wants to be it. Naturally, Angelica says no, and Chuckie then asks Phil if he wants to be it. Lil tells that you don't ask a person if they want to be it, and then says that he's bad at playing tag. Chuckie then claims that whenever Lil's it, she tags too hard, which Lil, of course, denies. While Tommy and Phil are watching Chuckie and Lil argue, Tommy says they should play another game and suggests hide-and-seek, which Chuckie and Lil says "I Do" too.

When Angelica hears them say "I do," she says they have to get married and have a wedding (she also explains what a wedding is to the babies). Angelica gives Lil some flowers and puts a cloth on her head for her veil, and sticks a bow on the front of Chuckie's shirt. Angelica tells Phil that he has to give Lil away at the wedding. She makes Tommy the minister, she makes Dil the ring bearer and she makes herself the flower girl.

After Chuckie and Lil are "married," Angelica makes them go on a honeymoon and gives them some tropical fruit juice boxes. While they're drinking their juice boxes, Angelica's cleaning out her playhouse and makes them stop their honeymoon and says they have to live in the playhouse now. Chuckie and Lil aren't sure what to do now, but Lil says that whenever her parents come home, they first start talking about stuff and then her dad makes dinner. After they talk about how their day has been going, Chuckie makes him and Lil some dinner.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Phil are playing tag, but they think it's boring with just two people. Chuckie invites them over for dinner with him and Lil. Angelica sees this, and feels offended that she wasn't invited, since she was the flower girl at Chuckie and Lil's "wedding." When Angelica comes over and asks Lil why she wasn't invited, Lil explains that they don't have enough chairs for five people. They babies are having dinner and Phil gives Chuckie and Lil a wedding present in the form of a bug, which Chuckie's grossed out by.

Tommy, Chuckie and the twins are getting bored in the playhouse and decide to go play outside. Angelica says that Chuckie and Lil can't play outside because they have to take care of their baby (she gives them Dil), and she forces them back into the playhouse. While Chuckie and Lil are trying to take care of Dil, they start complaining that they can't do any more fun stuff with Dil around. Then they start seeing Dil blowing bubbles with his drool, and become proud of Dil for blowing them so big.

Didi comes by and takes Dil out of the playhouse, which Chuckie and Lil become saddened by. They start talking about how even though marriage was harder than they thought it would be, it was nice being together. But then they realize that they miss Tommy and Phil. Chuckie and Lil then decide to ask Tommy and Phil if they want to get married so they can all be stuck together, which Tommy and Phil agree too.


  • It's been implied that Lil may have a crush on Chuckie, but it's never been confirmed.
    • If it's true, it's also possible that Chuckie may return Lil's feelings.
  • It's revealed that Drew and Charlotte went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Stu and Didi went to Wisconsin on their honeymoon.
  • It's never explained how Drew and Charlotte knew the couple that got married, like if Drew, Charlotte and Angelica were merely friends with the bride and groom or if they were relatives of either the bride or groom.
    • If Drew, Charlotte and Angelica are related to the bride or groom, they're most likely a relative from Charlotte's side of the family, as it would seem strange that a relative of the Pickles family would invite Drew but not Stu.
  • According to Charlotte, the bride kept her own name rather than switching to her new husband's last name, which Charlotte apparently felt was very "practical."
    • Traditionally, when a man and a woman get married, the woman is supposed to change her name to her new husband's last name, but nowadays, it's perfectly acceptable for a woman to keep her own if she chooses to get married.
      • If Charlotte thinks it's practical for a woman to keep her own name when she gets married, why didn't she do that when she married Drew?