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I Do Gallery Transcript

(The episode begins with a bumblebee landing on the flower of Angelica's headband as the Wedding March plays, and then Angelica waves it away. Angelica is dressed in a flower girl's outfit.)

Charlotte: (to the other grown-ups) Really was just a marvelous wedding! Lovely bride! But she kept her own name of course, very practical.

Drew: Well the ceremony went pretty smoothly until her father tripped over the ring bearer as they were coming down the aisle.

Charlotte: Knocked the poor minster right into the champagne fountain! He was laughing all afternoon! (laughs and slips drink)

Drew: Most people run out of video tape before the bride and groom said "I do".

Charlotte: Of course the best part of it all was our little flower girl. (pats Angelica on the head)

Betty: So did the happy couple said they were heading for their honeymoon?

Charlotte: Hawaii. That's where we went remember Drew?

Drew: (speaks something in Hawaiian)

Didi: Stu and I went to Wisconsin for our honeymoon. (as she and the other adults head inside) They have very unusual accents there too.

(Noises of the Rugrats playing grabs Angelica's attention - the scene has Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil running around the yard and Dil sitting under a tree. Tommy chases Chuckie around the tree but Chuckie trips over of one of the trees roots and falls in front of Dil)

Chuckie: Ow.

Tommy: (taps Chuckie on the shoulder) You're "it" Chuckie!

Chuckie: Hi Angelica! Would you like to be "it"? 'Cause you know I've been running for so long now and if I touch ya you could be "it". I mean well if you want to.

Angelica: Do I look like I'm dressed to play tag with a bunch of babies? I'm a flower girl. (picks flowers from the ground and puts them in her basket)

Chuckie: Um Phil, would you like to be "it"?

Lil: (gasps) Chuckie! You're not a-ppose to ask people if it's okay! You're a-ppose to tag 'em! (groans) He's a stinky tagger.

Chuckie: (angry) Yeah well, you tag too hard!

Lil: Na-uh!

Chuckie: Uh-huh!

(Chuckie and Lil continue to bicker back and fourth)

Tommy: Um maybe we should play another game. Um who wants to play "Hide-and-Go-Peek"?

Chuckie: I do!

Lil: I do!

Angelica: (gasps) Hey! You babies just said "I do"! You know what that means don't ya?

Chuckie: Um we want want to play "Hide-and-Go-Peek"?

Angelica: No! It means you gotta get married and have a wedding. (sniffs flowers)

Lil: What's a wedding?

Angelica: It's when two people say "I do" and get married. (hands Lil flowers and puts a hand cloth on Lil's head as a veil) And stuck together forever -- for better or worser.

Lil: (excited) Do we get to use glue?

(Angelica does not say anything as she looks unamused by Lil's question. Lil ashamedly bows her head down)

Angelica: (to Lil) Okay you got your hat and flowers. Time to dress the gloom (groom)!

(Angelica walks over to Chuckie and rips off one of the bows from her basket and puts it on Chuckie's neck to act like a bowtie)

Chuckie: Uh, I don't know about this. But I don't know how to be a gloom!

Angelica: All done! Now Phil, you get to throw Lil away.

Phil: Neat! (turns to Lil) I like weddings!

Tommy: Um, Angelica can I play too?

Angelica: Sure Tommy! You can be the banister! He's the one that marries them. Now where are we going to find a ring bearer? (gasps)

(Angelica walks over to Dil)

Chuckie: I don't know if I wanna be stuck together forever with Lil, Tommy.

Tommy: Don't worry Chuckie! It's going to be fun!

Angelica: (hands Dil two pacifiers as he giggles happily) Okay Dil is the ring bearer. And now, here comes the star of the wedding, the most beautifulest flower girl in the whole wide world! (throws flowers down the "aisle") (now singing) Here comes the bride! Here comes the bride! Here comes the bride! Here comes the bride! Get over here you dumb babies! (continues singing "Here comes the Bride") Okay time to throw the bride away.

(Phil grabs Lil and they both fall on the ground while Lil laughs joyfully -- Angelica then whispers something in Tommy's ear)

Tommy: Who wants to be married?

Lil: I do!

(Chuckie crosses his arms and says nothing until Angelica hits him on the back)

Chuckie: I do! I guess...

Angelica: Hey ring bearer hand them over!

(Dil refuses to give Angelica the two pacifiers, making Angelica angry. Angelica and Dil tug back and fourth with the pacifiers)

Dil: Mine! Mine!

(Angelica finally got the pacifiers from Dil, making Dil upset)

Angelica: (slips the pacifiers on one of the fingers of Chuckie and Lil to act as wedding rings) Here you go!

(Lil looks excited while Chuckie is still not too sure about the whole thing)

(Angelica whispers something else to Tommy)

Tommy: (to Chuckie and Lil) I now deounnce you man and wife!

Angelica: Uh close enough. Okay now time for your wedding desection (assumption)! Good thing I saved a little cake!

(Angelica breaks the piece in half and hands it to Chuckie and Lil)

Angelica: You're suppose to smush it in each other's faces! (eats her piece of cake)

Lil: Fun! (takes her piece of cake and shoves it into Chuckie's face)

Chuckie: (not happy) LILLIAN!

Phil: (to Angelica) Got any cake for us?

Angelica: No time for that! These two have to leave for their moneymoon (honeymoon)! (Points to a place by the shed)

(Angelica walks Chuckie and Lil over to the shed where they sit under some small trees. Angelica gives them both juice boxes that they both slip happily)

Chuckie: (to Lil) Well I guess being married is okay if you get juice.

Tommy: (to Phil) Looks like they're having fun on their moneymoon. Wish I could of gone.

Phil: Yeah me too -- I'm thirsty!

(Angelica is seen cleaning up the playhouse, throwing some things out of it. After she's done she heads back over to Chuckie and Lil who are still slipping their juice boxes)

Angelica: Okay moneymoon's over! Time to go.

(Angelica brings Chuckie and Lil inside the playhouse)

Angelica: This is where you live now. Bye! (shuts door)

Chuckie: (to Lil) Wow! Our very own house!

Lil: What do we do now?

Chuckie: I dunno. What do married peoples do?

Lil: Well when my mommy and daddy come home, first they talk about stuff and then daddy cooks dinner.

Chuckie: Yeah, we could do that!

(Chuckie and Lil takes a seat at the small dining table)

Lil: So Chuckie, what's the news?

Chuckie: Well today I found a marbel, had breakfast and then I got married and then -- oh yeah, I seen a kittipilar (caterpillar)!

Lil: (yawns) Okay. Wanna cook something now?

(With Tommy and Phil -- who are playing tag...sort of)

Phil: (tags Tommy) You're "it".

Tommy: (tags Phil) You're "it".

Phil: You're "it".

Tommy: Gee, playing tag's not as fun when it's just us. I wonder what Chuckie and Lil are doing.

(Chuckie opens up the door to the playhouse)

Chuckie: Hey Tommy, Phil, do you wanna come to our house for dinner?

Tommy: Sure!

Phil: Yeah!

(Tommy and Phil go inside the playhouse)

Angelica: I don't see them making dinner for me! (turns to Dil) I was their flower girl.

(Inside the playhouse Chuckie serves "dinner" which are bowls of mud and worms that no one really eats except for Phil...)

(Door knocks)

Lil: I'll get it!

(Lil opens door)

Angelica: Where's my dinner "Mrs. Chuckie"?

Lil: Sorry Angelica. We don't gots enough chairs so bye! (shuts door)

(After Lil closes the door, Angelica growls)

(Back inside the playhouse...)

Tommy: (pretends to eat his "dinner") Yum!

Phil: (after eating his "dinner") Good mud! Oh I almost forget! (reaches into his pocket to pull out a dead bug) I bringed you guys a present! (lays the bug on the table)

Lil: Thank you Phillip!

Chuckie: Well I can't eat with a icky old bug laying there!

Lil: (reaches for Chuckie's bowl) Okay.

Chuckie: Hey I wasn't done yet!

Tommy: Um anyone wanna watch TV?

(The babies stare at a fake television set with a picture of Angelica tapped on it)

Phil: Ugh, is there anything else on?

(Lil tries to change the channel but no effect)

Chuckie: I'm getting tired of watching Angelica. You guys wanna go outside and play?

All: YEAH!

Angelica: (holding Cynthia) Here comes the bride!

Dil: Mine!

Angelica: Not yet! You gotta get married first!

(The rugrats exist the playhouse which catches Angelica's attention)

Angelica: Hey, where are you married babies think you're going?

Lil: But I wanna go outside and play!

Angelica: Oh no you're not!

Chuckie: Why not?

Angelica: Because uh -- because you gotta take care of your baby now!

(Angelica hands Chuckie Dil)

Angelica: Here!

(Phil and Tommy look at each other in confusion as Angelica forces Chuckie and Lil back into the playhouse with Dil)

Chuckie: (to Lil) Wow, we got a baby.

Lil: I wished we talked about it first. I don't know if I'm ready.

Chuckie: Well maybe it'll be fun.

(Dil barfs on Chuckie)

Chuckie: Sometimes...

(Camera shows the outside of the playhouse)

Lil: (from inside the playhouse) Stop it Dil!

Chuckie: (from inside the playhouse) Oh he's making a big mess!

(Scene is now inside the playhouse where Lil is holding Dil)

Lil: (to Chuckie) You take care of him now Chuckie.

Chuckie: I already tooked care of him, it's your turn!

Lil: (puts down Dil) But I wanna go outside and play!

Chuckie: Wells I wanna do is watch my Angelica (points at the fake television set) but we can't do fun stuff no mores because we got a baby!

(Dil blows large bubbles from his mouth)

Chuckie: (impressed) What is he doin'?

Lil: Blowing bubbles.

(Dil blows another large bubble)

Lil: (impressed) Whoa Chuckie! Did you see that?

Chuckie: I never saw him blow one that big.

Lil: That's our boy!

Chuckie: Yup!

Didi: (peeking inside the playhouse) There you are! My goodness, let's get you out of this messy playhouse.

(Didi opens the door to the playhouse and takes Dil from Lil)

Lil: (to Chuckie) (sighs and starts to get teary-eyed) It seems like we only just gotted him and now he's gone.

Chuckie: Yeah.

Lil: Being married is harder then I thinked it would be.

Chuckie: Yeah but you know what? (getting bashful) I kinda- kinda- I kinda liked to be stuck together with you.

Lil: (giggles) I liked it too.

(Chuckie and Lil hold each other's hands)

Chuckie: I miss Tommy though.

Lil: I miss Phillip.

(Lil and Chuckie stare from afar over at Tommy and Phil who are still lazily playing tag)

Chuckie: Hey I got an idea! What if we asked Phil and Tommy to marry us too!

Lil: Yeah! Then we all can be stucked together forever!

(To Tommy and Phil)

Tommy: You're "it".

Phil: You're "it".

Tommy: You're--

Chuckie: Hey! Hey you guys wanna be stuck together with us too?

Tommy: Sure!

Phil: Yeah!

(Scene is now on Angelica who is pulling a wagon that has cans tied at the end and with Cynthia and a Reptar doll inside)

Angelica: Hey what do you babies think you're doin'?

(All the babies gasps)

Chuckie: We're all getting married!

Tommy: You wanna get married too Angelica?

(Chuckie, Phil and Lil chant "no" repeatedly)

Angelica: Are you crazy?! I wouldn't marry you if you were the last babies on Earth!

(Walks away, stilling pulling the red wagon)

(Chuckie and Lil blow a sigh of relief)

Tommy: Alright guys! Let's get married!

Lil: No, you gotta say "I do" remember?

Tommy and Phil: I do!

Lil: Now we're all married!

(Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil all embrace in a group hug as a heart is created around them)

Angelica: (off screen) Urgh. dumb babies!

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