How to Be a Princess Book

How to Be a Princess by Angelica Pickles is an Rugrats franchise book to be released October 28. 2000 by Simon Spotlight and Nickelodeon.


"Hear ye! Hear Ye! Today I'm gonna show you how to be a princess! First you need a magic wand so you can turn regular things into princessy things. It's also good for turning vegetables into cupcakes and dumb babies into frogs. Here's how it works. Whenever I wave my magic wand and yell Poof!, you have to stick gemstones on the pictures. But if you don't -- Poof! -- you'll get thrown into the dumbgeon!"

Princess Angelica knows all about how to be a princess. With lots of reusable gemstone jeweled stickers included, Miss Pickles's guidebook will show what it takes to be the most royal pain -- er, princess -- in the land!


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