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Season 3 Episode 11a
Rugrats - Home Movies
Home Movies
Original Airdate December 5, 1993
VHS release A Rugrats Thanksgiving
DVD release Season 3
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"Home Movies" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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After being inspired by Stu's tedious home movies of the Grand Canyon, the Rugrats begin making home movies of their own. Ultimately, the babies create more entertaining films than the adults.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


After watching the adults' home videos, the kids are inspired to draw up their own slides to present to each other. In actuality, the "drawings" are merely blobs of color, with voiceovers added in.


At Drew's, Charlotte's, and Angelica's house, Stu is preparing the projector for the home movies of the Pickles' trip to the Grand Canyon. The film opens with Didi packing for their trip, followed by shots of Stu goofing around with the camera in the shower, and finally the Pickles’ departure (including Stu driving off without the camera). The adults are all getting bored as the babies wonder what home movies are. Lil thinks it's when one moves to a new home, Phil thinks it's when one rearranges one's furniture at home, and Chuckie thinks it's when one's house starts moving as though it's alive. But Angelica explains that home movies are like TV, except nobody really wants to watch them. The kids go up to Angelica's room so she can show her own home movies.

Angelica gets Drew's office papers so she can start her show. She shows off pictures she drew with her crayons of her house, her cat, Fluffy, her doll, Cynthia, and herself with her dress, shoes and crown. Tommy interrupts, saying she doesn't have a crown. Angelica tells him to be quiet and continues her home movies: everyday, she wakes up to greet the day and asks her daddy, who is small in her home movies (about a third of her height), to bring her breakfast, which includes ice cream, cake, and lots of syrup over everything.

Chuckie interrupts, saying that he's been over to her house for breakfast and she doesn't eat any of that stuff. Angelica tells him to be quiet and continues: her mommy comes in and calls Jonathan on her cell phone and asks to send lots of money so she can buy lots of toys for Angelica. Then she buys toys for Angelica and her dad keeps bringing her food. Angelica keeps eating until soon, she's big enough to stomp on the babies.

Chuckie stops the show, scared. The babies tell her that it's not how things really are: she's not that big, her dad's not that small, and the sky's not orange (which Chuckie adds). Angelica suggests Chuckie shows his own home movies. He does, grabbing a chalkboard and coloring in the sky and the ground for the beginning of his show. He draws himself and his dad walking over to Tommy's house. Tommy is portrayed as a superhero, and he and Chuckie play all day, fighting monsters in the sandbox and ghosts in the closet, and bringing Chuckie some snacks.

Angelica thinks that Chuckie's home movies are dumb, but superhero Tommy says that they were the best home movies he ever seen. Angelica suggests Tommy show his home movies, too. Tommy draws a red scribble of himself, a purple scribble of his mom, a blue scribble of his dad, and a yellow circle for their house. Tommy begins: Everyday, Spike wakes Tommy up and Tommy rides downstairs with Spike. At the bottom, Tommy crawls around the house when his mom brings him some mush to eat for breakfast. Afterwards, his friends come over to play. Sometimes, they get the cookies off the kitchen counter and ride the wagon off the stairs.

Angelica butts into Tommy's home movies with her drawing, and begins to stomp on the babies. Chuckie solutes this problem with his illustrations of himself and Tommy to stop Angelica. Didi and Betty come into Angelica's room, asking what's going on; it was intermission time for the home movies downstairs. Just then, they notice the drawings the kids have made. Back downstairs, the drawings amaze the grown-ups, keeping their minds off of the home movies. Stu attempts to end intermission time, but notices the drawings, saying how really good they are.


  • Crayons
  • Chalk


  • Before the babies and Angelica escape to her room, Boris is seen calling Dr. Kevorkian.
  • With the exception of its inclusion in the Thanksgiving VHS tape, there are four audio cuts in the episode and the Season 3 DVD and digital copies:
    • One where Stu says the second "May I have your attention please?" before beginning the home movies.
    • One where Angelica says "Come on, cottonheads", as she's about to lead the babies into her room.
    • Two before and while Stu says "There's us pulling out of the driveway."
    • The music played during Tommy's home movie is an upbeat version of the adventure music used in "Barbecue Story".
  • The episode ends with a special thanks to the following children of the producers for their art designs:
    • Adrien
    • Albina
    • Brandon
    • Chloe
    • Cyril
    • Jarrett
    • Kerry
    • Kyle
    • Olga

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Rugrats Grandpa Boris calls Dr

Rugrats Grandpa Boris calls Dr. Kevorkian

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