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Season 9 Episode 11b
Rugrats - Hold The Pickles
Hold the Pickles
Original Airdate September 28, 2002
DVD release Season 9
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"Hold the Pickles" is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

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The episode begins at Boingo Burger, where Phil is looking through a clown-themed trash can, which says, "Thank you, thank you" when opened. As Lil holds it open for him, she asks if there is anything yummy inside. It is then revealed that Taffy has taken them, along with Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, and Kimi, to Boingo Burger for lunch. As the twins catch up with Taffy and the other babies, Taffy says hello to her friend, Britannica, who is working as a cashier. She says hello back to her, until the manager gets her attention. Britannica then says Boingo Burger's slogan, "Welcome to Boingo Burger, where every meal is a happy surprise", and asks Taffy what she wants. Taffy orders six wacky meals; one for each of the babies, and a double-wacky boingo burger for herself.

As Britannica totals up Taffy's order, the babies are amazed at what Boingo Burger has in store for them. Kimi is amazed by the indoor playground, Tommy is amazed by the ice cream machine, and Phil is amazed by the ketchup machine, which covers a customer in ketchup when he tries to dispense it. Lil then tells the other babies that Boingo Burger might just be the most wonderful place Taffy ever took them to. Dil then drops his pacifier on the floor. As Tommy walks up to the pacifier, Taffy tells Britannica to make sure that her Boingo Burger does not have any pickles on it, as she doesn't like dill pickles. Tommy overhears, and thinks Taffy is talking about his little brother. He gives Dil back his pacifier and runs back to the other babies, telling them that he heard Taffy say she doesn't like Dil. Chuckie asks Tommy how Taffy couldn't like Dil, and Tommy replies by reminding him that they didn't like him so much at first. As he says this, Dil dirties his diaper. Kimi tries to assure Tommy that he must be wrong, as Taffy likes Dil, as she is always hugging him. They then see Taffy picking up Dil and sniffing him, disgusted. They all gasp, and suddenly suspect that Tommy might be right. Taffy asks Britannica if she can escort the other babies to their table while she changes Dil's diaper, which Britannica is happy to do. Tommy asks his friends why they might think Taffy doesn't like him, and Kimi replies by saying that it might be because Dil burps and cries. Phil burps, and upon hearing what Kimi said, tries to contain himself. Tommy then starts worrying that, if Taffy doesn't like Dil, she'll eventually stop liking them. Lil worries as well, as if Taffy doesn't like them, she'll stop taking them to wonderful places like Boingo Burger.

After Dil's diaper is changed, Taffy takes him and the babies' wacky meals to their table. She tells them she got them cheeseburgers and Reptar nuggets, then goes to her table. Phil and Lil each want a cheeseburger, and Phil eats his cheeseburger, as well as its wrapper. Lil then tells him that she doesn't think he's supposed to eat the wrapper, but Phil continues eating it anyway. Kimi looks in her box, and sees a miniature teddy bear in it, thinking somebody left it there by accident. Tommy looks in his box, and his prize is a miniature Reptar figure. Chuckie looks in his box, and is disgusted to find his prize is a miniature head of the Boingo Burger Clown. Lil looks in her box, and her prize is a finger trap. She looks through it like a telescope, then puts it on her index finger. She then puts her other index finger in the other end, and struggles to get them out, suddenly realizing her prize isn't fun.

At her table, Taffy is disgusted that her Boingo Burger has dill pickles on it. She says that she can't even look at dill pickles, then tosses one of the pickles on the floor, causing a customer to slip on it and drop his food. Kimi has witnessed this, and tells Tommy that he was right about Taffy not liking Dil. Tommy tells Kimi that Taffy always used to like Dil, and Lil tells him that she also used to like her old shoes. Phil asks her what she's talking about, and Lil tells him that when Taffy stopped liking her old shoes, she threw them away. The other babies gasp, and Tommy asks Lil why Taffy stopped liking her old shoes. Lil tells him that the shoes were too small. Chuckie points out that Dil is smaller than they are, which gives Kimi the idea to make him bigger. Tommy likes this idea, as if Dil is bigger, she'll like him again. The babies gather napkins from every receptacle and stuff them in Dil's pajamas. Tommy then notices a booster seat and is sure that will make Dil look even bigger. As the babies finish stuffing Dil's pajamas with napkins, Tommy puts the booster seat under Dil.

Britannica, who is sitting near Taffy, tells her that her break is over, and she has to go back to work. The manager then angrily tells Britannica that she was ten seconds over on her break, and as punishment, she will have to make it up by attending the drive-thru. As Britannica does so, the babies bring the napkin-stuffed Dil to Taffy. Taffy notices this, and immediately pulls the napkins out of Dil's pajamas. The manager notices this and tells Britannica to refill the napkin receptacles, and to tell her friends to stop wasting napkins. Britannica tries to do so, but she is still wearing the drive-thru headphones, which are still plugged into the wall, and as a result, she is pulled down by them. She takes them off, and runs towards Taffy, who sweetly tells the babies that they're just having fun. As Taffy throws away the old napkins, Britannica puts new ones in the receptacles.

Tommy worries that the plan to make Dil bigger didn't work. As Kimi puts Dil's pacifier in his mouth, she asks Tommy what else they could do to make Taffy like Dil. Dil then spits out his pacifier and cries. Tommy picks up Dil's pacifier and puts it back in his mouth. Taffy notices this, and tells the babies that they're so sweet, and that is what she likes best about them. As she takes more of the napkins away to throw them away, Tommy suddenly gets the idea that Taffy likes when babies are sweet. Chuckie wonders if Dil is sweet. Lil then licks Dil and says that he isn't, and tastes like old milk. Tommy then decides that they need to make Dil sweet, and wonders if there is anything sweet in the kitchen. As they walk up to it, they overhear the manager, who is angry with his employees messing up. He then complains that he'll be stuck in the kitchen forever. Chuckie then tells the other babies that going into the kitchen doesn't sound like such a good idea, as they might get stuck in there forever like the manager. Phil, Lil, and Kimi all agree with him. Tommy then looks over at the ice cream machine and wonders if ice cream will make Dil sweet. Kimi likes this idea.

As soon as the babies reach the ice cream machine, they find out that they're not tall enough to reach it, and won't be able to until they grow up. Chuckie tells the other babies to just wait, as it shouldn't take too long, and then Lil suggests they bring some chairs to climb on. She and Phil try to pick one up, but it is unfortunately bolted to the floor. Tommy, Chuckie, and Kimi try to pull another chair down, but it is unfortunately bolted to the floor as well. Lil then notices the ice cream machine is next to the indoor playground's net. As the other babies walk up to the net, Chuckie isn't sure they should be climbing on it, but Tommy assures him that the net is meant to be climbed on. As they all climb up the net, Lil gets stuck in it and hangs upside down from it. She asks for help, and Phil and Chuckie help her back up the net. As Taffy unloads the last of Dil's napkins, Tommy and Phil look at the various ice cream toppings. Kimi pours some strawberry ice cream into a cup as Tommy and Phil load gummi bears and cherries into their cups. Lil then pours some chocolate syrup into her cup. She hands it and Tommy's cup full of gummi bears to Chuckie, who slips on the excess chocolate syrup.

Back at her table, Taffy scoops up the last of the napkins. She then walks up to Britannica and tells her that she finished the job, and everything's clean now. She then inadvertently knocks over three drinks, but thankfully is prepared, and uses the napkins she has to clean them up. Tommy asks Kimi for the ice cream. She hands it to him, and he pours it on Dil. He then asks Phil for the gummi bears, and Phil hands them to him. He sprinkles them on Dil, and asks the other babies to hand him everything else. He is handed a cup full of cherries, a cup full of chocolate syrup, and a can of whipped cream, all of which he uses to decorate Dil like an ice cream sundae. Tommy then tells the other babies that his plan was a success, and that Dil is sweet now. Chuckie says Taffy will have to like him now, and Phil says that even he likes him now as he scoops up some ice cream with his index finger and eats it. The Manager notices Dil covered in ice cream and toppings, and angrily calls Britannica over to clean him off. Taffy notices Dil covered in ice cream and toppings, and rushes over to clean him off, inadvertenly bumping into customers and spilling their food along the way. Britannica runs after her, but once again, she is wearing the drive-thru headphones, which are plugged into the wall, and pull her down. Taffy skids on the excess ice cream, but keeps her balance. She then picks up Dil and hands him to Britannica, who is holding a napkin receptacle. Taffy tries to wipe the ice cream off Dil with the napkins from the receptacle, but the chocolate syrup is too sticky. Taffy tells Britannica that Dil needs to be washed up, and Britannica tells her that she'll take Dil to the kitchen. Taffy likes this idea, and tells Britannica that she'll clean up the mess near the table. Phil tells Chuckie that Britannica is taking Dil to the kitchen, and Chuckie worries that Dil will never get out of it. Lil then tells them that that's how Taffy's going to get rid of him. Tommy, not wanting anything bad to happen to his little brother, tells the other babies that they're going to save Dil.

As the babies walk towards the kitchen, Chuckie tells Tommy that if they go in there, they might get stuck in there forever as well. Tommy tells them that they have to rescue Dil. After all, he is his little brother. Britannica cleans Dil off and sits him down in a booster seat. Tommy tells the other babies that they have to act fast if they're going to save Dil. The manager then tells Britannica that they need more Boingo cones. As she goes into the supplies closet to find them, Tommy finds this the perfect opportunity to save Dil. He and the other babies grab him and carry him away. As soon as they leave, Britannica comes out, shocked to find Dil gone. She looks around, but she can't find him.

The babies hide Dil in the indoor playground's ball pit. Britannica then runs up to Taffy and tells her that Dil has gone missing. Taffy is shocked when she hears this, and looks all over Boingo Burger for him. She finds him in the ball pit, but as she walks up to the ball pit, she trips on a ball and falls in. She is relieved to have found Dil, and as she picks him up, he burps. The other babies gasp, as they worry that Taffy will get rid of Dil for sure now. However, Taffy kisses Dil and tells him that he is the sweetest, cutest, most fabulous baby ever. Chuckie is then happy that their plan to make Dil sweet worked. Kimi agrees, as Taffy likes Dil now. Tommy assures them that Taffy likes Dil as much as she likes them.

As Taffy sits down at her table to finish her burger, she tells Britannica that she was wrong, and that she likes dill pickles after all. She then says that it must be sweet pickles that she doesn't like. The babies are shocked when they hear this, and dig through the trash can as the episode ends.


  • This is one in two episodes to star Richard Horvitz, famed for Daggett from Angry Beavers and Zim from Invader Zim, two other Nickelodeon cartoons. The other episode is Bug Off


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