Henry, misnamed as Herman by Didi Pickles and Chuckie Finster, is a yellow stuffed lion with a brown mane belonging to Tommy Pickles. Henry is Tommy's favorite toy. Chuckie thought Henry was a bit too dirty for his liking when they met, so they decided to wash him, but used mustard as they could not find anything to wash with. Didi takes him away to clean him, but finds it hard to clean the stuffed animal. Chas agrees, saying he will most likely grow mildew and mold. Didi agrees, wishing there was something she could do, as Tommy loves 'Herman' very much, implying Henry will be disposed of. Tommy believes Henry to be gone for good and is very upset. Chuckie suggests his mom could buy him a new Henry, but Tommy thinks that's a horrible idea. Angelica Pickles says that Tommy should get what he wants by being bad, so he turns bad. He eventually turns good again when Chuckie asks him to rethink his actions and which he does. Didi surprises Tommy with a clean and fresh Henry, telling him she was able to wash him. Henry only appears in "Rebel Without a Teddy Bear".


  • Henry makes an appearance again in Rugrats: Royal Ransom as one of the cherished items Angelica steals from the babies in order to make them her subjects (the other items being Superthing, Wawa, and a bag of worms). The babies must work their way up each level until eaching the final game "Stormin' The Castle". Upon completion, Angelica is sent down the slide and the babies get their stuff back. However, Henry is only referred to as "Lion" in the game and has a slightly different apppearance, possibly due to the graphics of the Gamecube and the style being redone since the early episodes.
  • Though not likely, its possible Didi replaced Henry with a new lion as its implied he is beyond repair. Or, she may have just washed him and ran him through the dryer, or found another way to properly dry him.


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