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Season 8 Episode 7b
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Hello Dilly
Original Airdate March 9, 2002
DVD release Season 8
Complete Series
Previous Episode Daddy's Little Helpers
Next Episode Cynthia Comes Alive

"Hello Dilly" is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica brings a lifelike baby toy over to the Pickles' house and tells the Rugrats that it used to be a real kid but got turned into a toy by its Fairy Bob-Mother for being bad. When Angelica takes Dil to pre-school for show and tell and replaces him with the doll, the Rugrats think Dil has been transformed. Can the Rugrats find a way to change him back from being a toy? - Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins at Tommy's house, where Angelica is showing Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, and Kimi her new toy, her "I Can't Believe It's Not A Baby!" baby doll, a baby doll that resembles Dil. She then winds up the baby doll and it walks by itself. It then spits out its pacifier and says, "Want to play with me?". Angelica really likes this doll, as it brings her all the lifelikeness of a baby, without any of the gross aspects. This makes Dil jealous. She then says it's even smarter than an actual baby. Tommy asks her if the baby doll can open a playpen with a screwdriver as he pulls his screwdriver out of his diaper. Lil then asks Angelica if her baby doll can store food in its diaper as she pulls a sandwich out of her diaper. Angelica yells at them, saying her doll is just like a real baby, not a dumb one. Kimi tells Angelica her doll sure does look like a baby, and Lil asks how the people who made the doll made it so lifelike. Angelica tells them her doll was a real baby once, but if got turned into a doll. Chuckie asks Angelica why someone would turn a baby into a doll, but before she can come up with an answer, Dil throws his rattle at her. Angelica then tells them that that baby hit people with rattles, drooled, and messed his diaper. She then yells if she left anything out at Dil, who dirties his diaper and drools, living up to what Angelica just said. Tommy asks Angelica who turns babies into dolls, and she tells him, "Fairy Bobmothers". Lil tells her that she thought all fairy godmothers were good. Angelica assures her that anyone who can turn a stinky, drolly baby into a doll can't be bad as she walks away.

Charlotte is talking to Didi, telling her that Angelica is planning to bring her new baby doll to Preschool for show and tell, and asking her how realistic the baby doll is. She tells her that the baby doll is so cute, and yet it doesn't stain anything silk. She says goodbye to Didi, who tells Angelica to have fun at preschool.

Back in the living room, Chuckie is now even more worried than before, as now fairy godmothers are another thing on his long list of things to worry about. Tommy asks his friends if any of them have actually seen a fairy godmother around his house, and Phil, Lil, and Kimi all nod their heads, "No" in unison. Tommy then asks them if all stories involving fairy godmothers begin with "Once upon a time, in a land far, far away". Phil assures Tommy that his house isn't far, far away. Tommy then tells his friends that fairy godmothers always turn pumpkins into other things, and asks them if they see anything around his house that used to be a pumpkin. Kimi tells him, "nope", and Lil also says, "nope", as she finds a piece of used gum under the couch cushion. Phil then says that Chuckie might have been a pumpkin once, much to Chuckie's ire. Tommy assures his friends that their town isn't one involving a fairy godmother.

At Preschool, Susie shows Miss Weemer's class the pictures from her family's vacation to Egypt, including ones of her on a pyramid and a sphinx. Miss Weemer is impressed with Susie's show and tell, telling her she did a wonderful job as she always does. Angelica is unimpressed with Susie's show and tell, and tells her that she does the best show and tells. Miss Weemer calls on Harold next, and says that his show and tell will be interesting. Harold runs up to Miss Weemer and shows her class a green piece of cheese with a bandage on it, telling them he found it in his cubby. Miss Weemer nervously thanks Harold, and Angelica asks if she can go next. Miss Weemer tells Angelica that her turn will come later, as now, it is Cassie's turn. Cassie walks up to Miss Weemer and shows the class her Teething Teresa, a baby doll that can grow hair and teeth. Everyone is impressed with Cassie's Teething Teresa, except for Angelica, who realizes now her baby doll isn't as impressive as Teething Teresa. Susie tells Angelica that the only thing better than Cassie's Teething Teresa would be an actual baby. This gives Angelica an idea. Miss Weemer then tells Angelica it's her turn now, and Angelica tells her that she accidentally left what she wanted to show behind at her house, but will bring it tomorrow as she hides her backpack with her baby doll in it behind her chair.

Back at Tommy's house, the doorbell rings and Didi opens the door. Miriam, who is dressed like a cowgirl, has come over to visit. She tells Didi that today is Hoedown Day at Withering Oaks, and asks her if she has a bandana. Didi tells her she's sure she does, and as she goes to look for one, Miriam coos at Dil. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi all watch from behind the couch, and Lil asks Tommy why a cowgirl is at his house playing with his little brother. Phil then remarks that the cowgirl looks more like a cowman to him. Tommy tells them he isn't sure. Didi returns with a bandana and hands it to Miriam, who waves it in front of Dil as she tells Didi she's "Gotta fly". She then says goodbye to Dil, calling him a doll, and kissing him. Lil asks Tommy why the cowgirl called Dil a doll, and she, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Kimi all gasp in unison upon remembering Angelica's story. Chuckie asks Tommy if Angelica was right about Dil being turned into a doll, and Tommy tells him she might not be right, as only fairy godmothers can turn babies into dolls, not cowpeople. Lil then tells Tommy that the cowgirl might be a fairy godmother in disguise. Kimi points out that the cowgirl said she had to fly, and Tommy, realizing she is right, tells his friends that they have to see if Dil is still a real baby, or if he got turned into a doll. They all walk up to Dil, and Tommy apologizes to him in advance before he tries to take his rattle from him. Dil takes his rattle back and says, "Mine!". Tommy is pleased that Dil took his rattle back, and tells his friends that he never knew a doll that could say, "Mine!". He then tells his friends there's only one way to make sure Dil's still a real baby, and tells Chuckie to smell Dil's diaper. Chuckie objects, telling Tommy that he has a stuffy nose. Tommy tells him that if Chuckie can smell Dil's diaper, even with a stuffed nose, Dil has to be a real baby. Chuckie sniffs Dil's diaper, and disgustedly assures Tommy that Dil is still a real baby. Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Kimi all cheer, and Tommy tells his friends that they were all worried for no reason. Phil then points out to Tommy that a flying cowperson still visited his house.

The next day at Tommy's house, after Angelica finishes her breakfast, Didi asks Angelica if she's ready to go to preschool. Angelica tells her that she just wants to say hello to her favorite babies before she goes. She then runs past the living room, where Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi are all playing with wooden blocks and toy hammers. She goes into Dil's bedroom, and finds Dil sleeping in his crib. Without waking Dil up, she puts her baby doll in Dil's crib and picks Dil up. Then, Didi holds the door open for her as she walks out it.

In the living room, as Stu fixes a baby monitor, he hears Angelica's baby doll sleeping, and thinks it is Dil. Lil asks Tommy what that sound is, and Tommy assures her it's just Dil on the baby monitor. Angelica's baby doll then says, "I'm a pretty baby." over the monitor, and Tommy is shocked when he hears this, as he realizes that Dil can't talk that well. He and his friends all gasp as Angelica's baby doll says, "I love you." Kimi asks Tommy why Dil is talking so well, and Tommy tells her he isn't sure, but they can go up to his bedroom to ask him.

When Tommy and his friends reach Dil's bedroom, they are surprised to see Angelica's baby doll standing up in Dil's crib. Chuckie tells Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Kimi that Dil sure became a lot smarter since breakfast. As Angelica's baby doll says, "Hi, Mommy", Phil tells Chuckie that Dil isn't that smart. Angelica's baby doll says, "Want to play with me?" and Chuckie asks Tommy if they've heard it before. Due to Angelica's baby doll's resemblance to Dil, Tommy thinks that Angelica was right, and Dil did turn into a doll. Kimi asks Tommy how they can turn Dil back into a baby, and Lil adds that the fairy cowmother flew away. Tommy tells his friends that the only thing they can do is try to change Dil back themselves, but they have to think like fairy godmothers.

At Preschool, Angelica shows Dil to Miss Weemer's class, telling them he's a baby doll called "The Drooling Billy". Dil then awakens, and everyone is impressed, except for Susie, since she has obviously seen Dil before. Before she can tell Angelica that the baby doll is really Dil, Dil pulls on Angelica's nose. Miss Weemer and the rest of the class are all very impressed, and Angelica tells them that her baby doll is the most realistic one ever as she ends her show and tell. Susie, knowing this is a plan of Angelica's, asks Angelica what else "Drooling Billy" can do. Before Angelica can respond, Miss Weemer tells Angelica that the nose-pulling was very realistic, and asks the class if they want to see more. The class all responds, "Yes!". Dil then drools on his hand and touches Angelica's cheek.

Back at Tommy's house, Kimi gathers some dust from the vacuum bag in the closet, and asks Tommy, if he's sure this kind of dust is fairy dust. As they put the dust on Angelica's baby doll, Tommy assures her that there's so much dust, some of it has to be fairy dust. Tommy asks her if she thinks they have enough, and Chuckie sneezes the dust off. Phil tells Tommy, "Not really", and Chuckie apologizes. Tommy puts the dust back on Angelica's baby doll and says, "Doll, be Dil!", but Angelica's baby doll just says, "I'm a pretty baby!". Tommy then hugs Angelica's baby doll, and tells it he'll turn it back to Dil somehow.

Back at preschool, Dil throws up all over Miss Weemer and her class, scaring them. He then kicks a crayon at Miss Weemer and tosses his rattle at Clark. Susie just smiles, knowing Angelica's plan to pass Dil of as a baby doll isn't working. Dil then dirties his diaper, scaring the class even more. Miss weemer then says that Angelica's "Drooling Billy" doll is too real. As she and the rest of the class run out the door, Dil drools on Angelica's ponytail. Angelica tries to walk out with them, but she is stopped by Susie, who tells her, "Guess you're not the bestest shower and teller after all, Angelica!". She then laughs and walks away. Before Angelica can get back at Susie, Dil falls back asleep, much to her ire.

Back at Tommy's house, Tommy makes a potion out of finger paint, diaper rash cream, mud, and spit. Chuckie and Kimi spread it onto Angelica's baby doll, as Tommy tells them it's time to say some magic words. He says, "Abbacadabba, Allacaboo!", but all Angelica's baby doll does is say, "Hi, Mommy!". Tommy, realizing this plan didn't work, gives up and picks up Angelica's baby doll. He then tells his friends that even if his little brother is a doll, it's still his naptime, as he puts it back in Dil's crib. Stu then walks in and sees Tommy looking over Angelica's baby doll in Dil's crib. Stu tells Tommy and his friends that they have to go downstairs to play, as they don't want to wake Dil up from his nap.

In the living room, a sad Chuckie tells a sad Tommy that he tried his best to turn Dil back into a baby, and Tommy tells him that his best wasn't good enough. He then tells him that only the fairy godmother can turn Dil back into a baby, and he doesn't know where to find her. The doorbell rings, and Didi answers it. Charlotte asks Did if she'd like to hear something precious. Angelica then says that she just wanted to stop by to tell the babies how much she loves them. Didi finds this sweet, and as she and Charlotte walk into the kitchen, Angelica blows a raspberry at the babies and runs up the stairs with Dil in her arms. Lil tries to cheer Tommy up by telling him that a doll won't drool on his toys, wake him up at night, or poop. Tommy then tells her that he wants Dil to drool, wake him up, and poop, and he wants him back. Before Tommy can cry, Lil tells him to look. Miriam, still in her cowgirl attire, has returned. Tommy sees her, and tells his friends to follow him, as now that she's back, Dil can turn back into a baby again. Angelica runs down the stairs with her baby doll just before Tommy and his friends run up them. Didi hands Miriam, who is sitting on the couch, a cup of coffee, and Tommy and his friends return, with a sleeping Dil now in his baby seat. Miriam finds all the babies adorable and kisses them. When she kisses Dil, he awakens, and says, "Tommy!", happy to see his big brother again. All the babies are glad to see Dil again as well, and they all cheer.

In Charlotte's car, Charlotte asks Angelica if she still loves her new baby doll. Angelica tells her she does, and didn't even realize how much until today. She then opens its blanket, revealing the baby doll to be covered in dust and Tommy's potion. She then yells, "Those dumb babies!" as Charlotte drives away.


  • This episode's title is a reference to the 1964 musical, Hello Dolly!, which was made into a 1969 film of the same name, which was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won three.


  • This is the first episode in Rugrats continuity that has Angelica and Susie in pre-school as well as one of the babies (the baby being Dil).
  • This is one of the few episodes where Charlotte appears without Drew.
  • This is the second time Angelica takes a Rugrat to pre-school with her with the first being Tommy in "Educating Angelica".


Angelica (About the doll): "All the baby action with none of the slop!"

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