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Name Hedley
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation None
Interests Boasting
Relatives Smedley (twin brother), Winifred (mother), Shegret (father), Phil (cousin), Lil (cousin), Betty, Howard
Friends Smedley
Enemies Phil, Lil
First Appearance The Perfect Twins
Hedley is a one and a half year old cousin of Phil and Lil.


Hedley is Winifred's daughter, Smedley's twin sister, and Phil and Lil's cousin (Hedley's maternal grandmother's great aunt was Betty's great uncle's second cousin). She appeared in "The Perfect Twins". She is voiced by Lauren Wood.


The identical twin sister of Smedley, Hedley is a one and a half year old girl and cousin of Phil and Lil. Hedley and her brother's personalities are the opposite of Phil and Lil's.


She wears a white blouse, a black polka-dotted yellow dress, white socks, purple shoes and a yellow bow on her head.


You can find Hedley gallery here.

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