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Season 4 Episode 7b
Heat Wave
Original Airdate September 13, 1997
DVD release Season 4
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Heat Wave is the second half of the seventh episode from Season 4 of Rugrats.

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On a sweltering hot day, can the Rugrats find themselves a drink of water before "the time of no shadows" (noon)? - Description from Klasky Csupo


It's summer! Even though it's hot outside, it loks like 120 degrees in July-like. Grandpa Lou has taken the babies plus Spike to the park. While the babies drink from the water fountain, Grandpa Lou decides to "help" the workers perform maintenance on the park's water system when they go on break. Unfortunately, the pipes begin to leak furiously, cutting off the water supply to the entire park!

Meanwhile, Al-Sabu, a middle eastern baby, approaches the water fountain and asks if he can drink from it. Tommy who's having hi-top sneakers on says he could...if not for the fact that the water suddenly went away! Al-Sabu is worried because they need water no matter what in this heat. He says he's heard of a place on the other side of the park where water is said to shoot out of the ground, like from the back of a whale. But, in order to get there, they'll have to cross the black top, which is hotter to walk on then the grass, and has no shelter from the burning sun. Tommy isn't afraid, and the five of them plus Spike set off. Tommy shares the grape juice, now emptied juice and Chuckie begins temptation cry about going home.

Together they slowly cross the black top, with everybody except Chuckie wearing head gear to protect from sunburn. They pass the center, and then reach the other side, a basketball field. But, there's no water here either! It's nearly the hottest part of the day, and one by one the babies lay on the grass due to the heat, despite the risk of sunburn. Soon only Tommy is still standing, and he tries to puncture the grass with a straw in order to make the water appear.

Back at the hole, Grandpa Lou becomes frustrated with the workers inability to fix the leak he created (though he didn't admit it!) and takes matters into his own hands. He dives under the water with a wrench and successfully fixes the leak.

Moments later the now working sprinklers pop out of the ground at the basketball field and spray water everywhere. The babies rejoice and play in the cool water at midday. Al-Sabu then says goodbye to Tommy and rides away on his caterpillar. As he leaves. a rainbow appears in the sky.


  • This is the first time in the series when Tommy wears shoes with his normal clothes but it is the seventh time he has worn shoes as the first time was in Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup, when Stu and Didi take Tommy with them when they meet with Mr. Mucklehoney
  • Animation goof: When standing by the water fountain, Tommy and Phil's shoes are improperly colored for a few frames.
  • Animation goof: When Tommy gives Al-Sabu his juice box, the latter's skin is white like Tommy's. 
  • Animation goof: Despite having one tooth, when Tommy tells Al-Sabu that they can do it, he has a full set of teeth.
  • Much of this episode parodies the film Lawrence of Arabia, including the trek across the desert to reach water and Tommy turning back to rescue Chuckie after he falls behind.
  • Grandpa Lou reveals that he's been through the summer of 1942 and that he was a member of the Pipe-Fitters Union in 1953.
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