Head Dectective
Head Detective is an one-time and minor character that making debut episode "Murmur on the Ornery Express" of Rugrats and he is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

Murmur on the Ornery Express

In the episode, after Minka's necklace is stolen, the conductor calls two detectives and the next morning, the detectives board the train and after the train sets off again, one of the detectives asks the adults to report any suspicious activities they might have witnessed and Lou tells them that he never liked Dwayne Tickerbacker's looks.

Just as Didi and Kira are about to see Cough Drop Pass, the head detective forces them to follow him so he can ask them a couple of quesitons, causing them to miss seeing Cough Drop Pass in the process. When he and the adults hear Chuckie's scream in the baggage room they rush over to investigate and gasps when he discovers that Angelica's mother Charlotte made Jonathan sneak on the train so she could get work done.

The Head detective walks back into the baggage car and looks at a tag on an open suitcase. It is releaved that Dwayne stole Minka's necklace and he and his partner handcuff Dwayne and arrest him when they are dropped off at the next train station and take Dwayne into custody, before the train sets off for Little Biendeltown. 


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