Season 5 Episode 1a
He Saw, She Saw
Original Airdate November 29, 1997
VHS release I Think I Like You
DVD release Season 5
Previous Episode Pirate Light
Next Episode Lady Luck

He Saw, She Saw is a Season 5 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Chuckie falls for a girl, whom he meets, at the park. Little does he know that her older brother (Big Binky) has a reputation for being mean to anyone who irritates his sister. In an effort to avoid trouble, Chuckie and Emma decide to play somewhere that 'Big Binky' will not bother them. In the end, Chuckie saves the girl, and becomes the tough boy's friend as well who throws away his orange nippled orange ringed pacifier saying he talks better without it.


Chuckie falls in love again, this time with a girl named Emma. But can their romance survive her hulking 3-year old brother, "Big Binky"? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


  • Big Binky threatens kids who play with his sister by pushing their faces in the mud and pinching their arms.


Big Binky: You saved my sister from the ants! I like you!


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