Harriet Trencherman
Also Known AsMs. Trencherman (credits)
Mrs. Trencherman (by Mr. Loew & Ms. Haze)
Old Bat (by Mr. Poltax)
FriendsMr. Loew
Mr. Poltax
Ms. Haze
Voice ActorKath Soucie
First AppearanceThe Bank Trick
Last AppearanceThe Bank Trick
Harriet Trencherman is a minor character on the Rugrats who appears in the episode, "The Bank Trick". She is the 27th National Bank's most valued depositor who is worth millions.


Harriet wears a green coat with a fur scarf. She wears golden earrings and glasses around her nose. She has grey hair and is light skin. She also wears a green hat and green shoes.


Ms. Trencherman is a classy woman who demands respect. She was easily angered by Richter's accusation of her being a criminal when asking if her rubies were legally obtained. She then promptly told Mr. Loew that she will not be talked to in such manner by both Richter and Simms. She was also livid when Mr. Loew said she was the bank's oldest customer (even though he meant it in terms of loyalty) she kicked him and the fraudulent agents out of the deposit room before slamming the door shut. She cares deeply for her money and valuables as she screamed and fainted when her deposit box of rubies was empty.


  • According to Mr. Poltax, she is worth millions.
  • Mr. Poltax referred to her as "old bat" when he learned of the news of her fainting.
  • She doesn't like being called "old".
  • She is the 27th National Bank's most loyal customer.
  • Despite her being credited as 'Ms. Trencherman', Mr. Loew and Ms. Haze refer to her as "Mrs. Trencherman" implying that she is married. Though, this could be a mistake on the writer's part.
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