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Season 6 Episode 9a
Rugrats - Hand Me Downs
Hand Me Downs
Original Airdate January 30, 1999
VHS release Make Room for Dil

Volume 5

DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Dil We Meet Again
Next Episode Angelica's Ballet

"Hand Me Downs" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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When Dil starts playing with Angelica's Cynthia doll and Tommy's train set, Didi gets the idea that Dil wants to play with the older kids toys, so she brings out a box of Tommy's old playthings. As Tommy gets upset at the fact that all his old toys are now going to his sibling (especially when Angelica convinces the babies that once all your toys have been given away, you disappear!) the rest of the Rugrats try their best to keep Dil from getting any more of Tommy's hand me downs. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Dil wants to play with the toys of Tommy, Chuckie, Susie, and Angelica. Didi and Lucy see this happening, and Lucy explains to Didi that Susie was the same way when she was a baby, and to solve it, she and Susie's father, Randy, gave Susie some of her brother Edwin's old toys. Hearing that, Didi decides to provide Dil with some of Tommy's old toys (the toys now being hand-me-downs). At first, Tommy and Chuckie don't know what a "hand-me-down" is, so Susie explains that hand-me-downs are stuff that goes from one sibling to another and that she gets hand-me-downs all the time. Tommy and Chuckie misinterpret this as Didi giving Tommy some of Dil's things since Dil's always trying to take Tommy's stuff. While in the basement looking for Tommy's old toys, Stu confesses to Didi that he feels it's a bad idea to give them to Dil, based on what he went through as a kid about having to get hand-me-downs from his older brother, Drew (Angelica's dad).

When Didi shows Lucy a box of Tommy's old toys and gives them to Dil, Tommy realizes it's his stuff that Didi's giving to Dil. Susie explains that hand-me-downs are things that go from the older sibling down to the younger sibling and that if they were the other way around, they'd be called "hand-me-ups." Tommy doesn't like the idea of Dil getting his old toys, and Angelica, wanting to exploit Tommy's fears, tells him and Chuckie that Tommy will disappear once his parents give all of Tommy's old stuff to Dil. She then makes up a story about Susie's "sister," Yvonne, who disappeared once Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael gave all of her old stuff to Susie. At first, Tommy and Chuckie don't believe it and decide to ask Susie if it's true. However, Angelica claims that Susie's still sad about Yvonne disappearing, which convinces the boys that a person does disappear from giving away hand-me-downs. Tommy and Chuckie make various attempts to get the toys away from Dil. In the end, after Tommy sees how much Dil loves his old toys (and after seeing Dil make the squeaky ball squeak), he realizes that he just wants his baby brother to be happy and decides to let Dil keep the toys.

After seeing how happy their sons are, Stu realizes that Dil having Tommy's old toys isn't such a bad idea after all, and he and Didi then decide to give the rest of Tommy's old stuff to Dil. Susie and Angelica come outside to see the three boys, and Susie finds out about the lie Angelica made to scare her cousin, and Susie explains to Tommy and Chuckie that a person doesn't disappear from giving away hand-me-downs.

Angelica expresses her thankfulness on being an only child and thus gets to keep all of her stuff. But then her dad comes by and tells her that he's come up with the "neat" idea of giving Angelica's old toys to her cousin Tommy. Hearing that, Angelica screams, presumably because she wants to keep all her stuff.


  • According to Tommy, Dil has diapers with a teddy bear design on them
  • Tommy's plush worm toy is named Mr. Wormy
  • Although Susie never had a sister named Yvonne, Yvonne is her middle name. Susie only has a sister named Alyssa.

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